New Universe - New Redraw.png

Release Date: This month (or early next month)

A huge upcoming update, featuring a new map, 2 new stands, and 4 reworks. The game will update in parts as to keep people hyped, though it has no official date to start. The update will feature:

Pucci resetting the universe into shutdown (with a countdown indicating the once in a lifetime event.)

Goku Rework + Remodel: Goku will be able to achieve many forms and have different power levels, abilities, and effects.

For The Delta: A new epic neon green Camilla stand, featuring a new sanity system, time altering moves, and the ability to turn into a epic gamer chair.

Killer Queen (and variants) Rework + Remodel: Killer Queen becomes obtainable again with a brand new moveset slightly based off of MUGEN and the anime. The unobtainable VKQ is getting a remodel and rename to Oblivion Killer Queen and will stay unobtainable. (Creeper Queen is staying unobtainable.)

Star Platinum and The World Reworks + Remodels: These two stands are also being granted a new moveset, as with all Arrow Stands at some point. All moves will make these stands very good in PVP (Just like all the other reworks) and variants of these MAY share the rework.

Star Platinum: The World: Similar to Killer Queen, this Unobtainable stand will become obtainable again with a whole new moveset to boot. This will be an evolution of the Reworked Star Platinum by beating a new DIO Boss who uses the reworked version of The World.

Satoru Gojo: This is an entirely new spec from Jujutsu Kaisen, in which this spec will be similar to the Goku Spec. It turns you into Gojo himself and gives you a diverse moveset of handy combat moves.

AMON: A new spec from TLOK, based on the character of the same name. It is unknown how AMON will be obtained.

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