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The World
The World

"SHINEI, KAKYOIN!" —DIO to Kakyoin


The World is a D Tier (Arrow Tier) Stand, as of right now in A Universal Time (AUT).

The World is the Stand of DIO, featured in Stardust Crusaders. DIO The Main Antagonist featured and shown in the anime part, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, along with his stand, The World. The World is a close-ranged stand, with up to 2 Meters away from its user.

The World's Stand Cry is "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!", which means "Useless!".

Even though the stand is strong in the anime, its really bad for Player Vs. Player since there's not that much strong moves to use for PVP, and the only good moves to use is Strong Punch and Timestop

The World has a lot of canon and non-canon variants, since the game is called "A Universal Time".

The World also has an Alternate Universe (AU) Version/Evolution that's canon, and somewhat not canonical at the same time (Talking about the moves), that is known as: The World HV/AU.

The World's Obtainability is using an Arrow on Human. (Not A Guranteed Or Full Chance, 30% Chance To Get The World)

PVP Talk

Even though The World is a canon stand in the anime, manga, and games, The World in this game is actually pretty much feeble for Player Vs. Player (PVP). The only good moves to use for PVP are Timestop and Strong Punching.


The World has Grey Skin and mostly yellow accessories, with some Jade Hearts on them.

The World is an humanoid stand and canon stand in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JJBA) Universe. It has Grey Skin, Yellow Abs, Yellow Lower Crown Of Egypt, Yellow gaunlets, Red Eye's (Hazel In The Anime), Yellow Belt with Jade Color on the center of the belt, Yellow Armored Leggings with Jade Knee Pads, Yellow Straps, Yellow Shoulder Pads, 2 Oxygen tanks On His Back, and more.


Stand Off Moveset
Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Stop Sign You pull out a stop sign, slamming/throwing it to the ground, making a few cracks on the ground and dealing ??? Damage to the enemy.
Joseph Knife You pull out a Knife, whilst throwing it straight directly towards the player you’ll yell out “Muda!”, dealing ??? Damage.

This move doesn’t have aimbot.

The Worlds New Moveset
Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
E "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA, MUDA!" / Stand Barrage The World throws a lot of rapid consecutive punches towards the victim/player, whilst yelling out "MUDA!" continuously, dealing ??? Damage.
R "SHINEI, KAKYOIN!" / Heavy Punch (Donut) The World goes in-front of its user, normally throwing a fast Donut/Heavy Punch towards the player that's in the user's way, making a hole through that player’s torso. 50 Damage
T “Checkmate!” / Knives Throw The World throws 1 Pair of 8 Knives in the direction both The World and it’s user are facing
“It fits me! It really fits me!” / Blood Suck The user grabs the victim, putting them down to the ground with both hands, sucking/taking some of their blood/health, whilst saying "It fits me! IT REALLY FITS ME!". After taking their blood, you'll throw them in the direction you're facing afterwards. 25 Damage + 25 Health
Debris Slam The World will quickly go in front of its user, the user poses, while The World slams the ground, whilst yelling "MUDA!". This is an Full AOE Move. 35 Damage
X Block The World goes in-front of its user, doing a basic block animation, and if the bar has no more “health”, the block will disappear and recharge. None
N Quote Once N is pressed, the user will say any of these quotes:
  • "Oh? You’re coming towards me? You’re coming to me, DIO, rather than running away?"
  • "This is… The World."
  • "Hah. A little praise."
  • "You’re next."
  • "I am DIO! I’ve transcended every stand user and mortal!"
  • "While time is stopped, there is only {player name}!"


Variants (Evolutions)


  • (Current as of December 15, 2020) The World is disabled meaning the player can't use/pull out the player stand, however, the player can still use items to evolve it (e.g. the player can still use the following Vampire Mask, DIO's Diary, Holy Diary, and Valentine's Flag to evolve it)
  • Note: There Is a glitch where The World is invisible, but however, the player can still use The World's moves.
  • The World will receive a confirmed rework, along with it's Nemesis in Stands, Star Platinum.
  • Some quotes came from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven and some came from the anime. Quotes: "You fool! Soon, you shall soon know, that, The World's True Power is to, indeed, rule all over this world!" and "You're going to have to die then, Polnareff!".
  • The World's Health is currently 425, it will probably increase when it's rework is out.
  • People may think The World's Eyes are red, but they are actually Hazel in the anime if you look at it very closely.
  • You are allowed to pull out The World, only if on PC. This is currently a glitch.
  • The World is an humanoid stand, that glows with yellow aura.
  • The World and The World: HV/Alternate Universe have different accessories, because The World: HV/AU is from 1890's and an Separate Alternate Universe, meanwhile, The World is from the late 1980's. NOTE: This is just a theory.
  • The World is a Tarot Card.
  • Possibly has the most evolution's, with 11 Evolution's counted.
  • Back then, The World had an highly overpowered strong punch, that it wasn't balanced; that strong punches damage dealed 100 - 300+ or less, and it was good for last resort(s). Up to now, The Worlds strong punch damage still deals a lot of damage.