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"Reality... bends to my will!" —Heaven Ascension DIO


The World Over Heaven is one of the most powerful non-canon stand shown in Eyes Of Heaven and In The JoJo's bizarre Universe.

The World Over Heaven is the Stand of Heaven Ascension DIO featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. It is an evolved variation of The World and considered by DIO to be the "Ultimate Stand". The World Over Heaven is among the final stands introduced in Eyes Of Heaven, as Heaven Ascension DIO is the user of The World Over Heaven and is the final stage boss in the game, Eyes of Heaven. The World Over Heaven is a close-ranged stand with a range of 2 Meters from its user (however this can be overwritten with Reality Overwrite in canon), and can be shortened to "TWOH". The World Over Heaven also has 4 separate unobtainable reskins, them being Party Starter, Galizur, DJ Noob, and Noob.

In game, TWOH has the longest Time Stop. Its signature Reality Overwrite is capable of stopping opponents from moving or attacking for a considerable amount of time.


Color Scheme: Purple-ish shading, White tone, Yellow colored accessories.

The World Over Heaven wears the same accessories as The World; Oxygen tanks, Lower Crown Of Egypt, Gauntlets, Belt, Armored Leggings including knee pads, Straps, Shoulder Pads, etc; except most of them are White + Yellow. The only differences between The World and TWOH are the eyes and color palette.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

The World Over Heaven is obtained by using a DIO's Diary on The World.

Talking To Pucci

In order to achieve The World Over Heaven you must talk to Enrico Pucci with The World.

  • After talking to him he'll give you two options. Reset your Stand or "The Way To Heaven" Quest.
  • Accept The Way To Heaven, and you will obtain a quest.

The Quest

The Quest's Requirements are:

After you complete the quest you will immediately attain a DIO's Diary, use it on The World and you will achieve The World Over Heaven.

(And because the quest is bugged, you can use DIO's Diary on The World to get TWOH instantly. Assuming you already had a diary before the quest.)


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Summon The user summons The World Over Heaven (TWOH), whilst saying, “Over Heaven!." This is accompanied by a white sparkle effect, a white explosion, and a white halo that floats away and disappears after a second. None 3 seconds
LMB Combo TWOH performs a left kick, a right kick, a left punch, and finishes the combo with a stomp for a total of 49 damage. The initial 3 hits deal 8 damage each, while the last deals 25. 49 if combo fully connects 4.5 seconds (After 4th hit in combo)
Barrage TWOH begins a barrage of punches, damaging and stunning those who are caught in it. 1.4 per hit, 44.8 if all punches hit
Heavy Punch The World Over Heaven throws a strong punch that deals 35 damage. 35 Damage 12 seconds
Accelerated Knives The user simultaneously throws 3 knives in a spread pattern using The World Over Heaven. If any of the knives come in contact with an enemy, lightning will strike them for 15 damage. This move can be used while the stand is off. 10 per knife + 5 from lightning, max of 45 10 seconds
Heaven Ascension Timestop The World Over Heaven and its user perform an animated pose for a moment before stopping time for 9 seconds, while shouting: "OVA HEAVEN!" N/A 60 seconds
Thunder God's Descension The World Over Heaven performs a pose for only a second before smiting the immediate area with several lightning bolts, telegraphed by briefly visible red circles. (WARNING: BUGGED IN THE 1v1 GAMEMODE) 28.25 Damage per bolt 15 seconds
Ground Strike The user strikes the ground in front of them with a purple bolt, causing it to shatter and damage enemies in its radius, knocking them back and slowing them down, while applying a blue tint to the enemy screen. This move can be used while the stand is off. 20 Damage 10 seconds
Reality Overwrite The World Over Heaven forms a black hole in its hand and strikes. If an enemy is hit, they will see an illusion of themselves attacking the user, causing them to be slowed down and unable to perform attacks for 5 seconds. 15 Damage 25 seconds
Severe Internal Injury The World Over Heaven will strike the enemy with heavenly lightning, initially causing 15 damage and another 15 shortly after. 15 Damage + 15 Damage 20 seconds
Naturalization Heal The user laughs and heals themselves for 30 HP. This move can be used while the stand is off. +30 Health to user 30 seconds
Teleport The user will teleport wherever the cursor is in a short area. This move can be used while the stand is off. N/A 6 seconds
N Quotes When pressing N, you’ll say any of Heaven Ascension DIO’s quotes:
  • “We’ll see who’s truth reigns supreme!”
  • ”I’ll end your life myself.”
  • “My hands are that which create truth!”
None 1 Second



  • F, M1 x2, T, M1 x2, H, M1 x3, E, R
  • T, Y, E, R, M1 x3 M1 x3, E, M1 x3, H, M1 x3, R
  • M1 x2, T, H, E, M1 x2, R
  • M1 x4, R, F, T, G, M1 until end of time stop, E right after time stop allowing you to trap enemy, M1 x3, H, M1 x3, T, M1 x3, Y, M1 x 3, E UNTIL FINISH M1x3, R an easy 538.2 damage combo ( ONLY ATTEMPT IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL! THIS DOESNT WORK FOR 1V1 GAMEMODES)
  • M1 x3 , H, M1 x3, E, M1 x3, G
  • 3 LMB, E, 3LMB, T, 3LMB, G, F, 4LMB, R, E, H, J, E, 3LMB, G.(not true, 100-0 combo) (hard)
  • J, 3 M1s, H, 3 M1s, T, M1s, Hold E until finish, 3 M1s, R, F, T, 4 M1, E Until finish, 3 M1s, H,
  • E,3 LMB,R
  • E,3 LMB,H
  • E,3 LMB,G


  • The World Over Heaven is a close-ranged stand with up to 2 Meters. In cannon this does not matter due to the fact DIO can just overwrite this to being a bigger range.
  • The World Over Heaven has 575 HP.
  • TWOH is one of two Heaven Stands, the other being Made In Heaven.
  • All of the quotes for The World Over Heaven are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven.
  • The World Over Heaven took 1.5 days to finish for it’s rework in The New Universe.
  • The World Over Heaven is one of the stands that were quickly finished for New Universe. The World Over Heaven only took 1.5 Day to finish.
  • The World Over Heaven's pose music is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven OST - DIO Battle BGM.
  • The World Over Heaven is the first stand that have more than 2 ways to obtain(quest, chests, trading)
  • The World Over Heaven has the longest timestop in the game, tied with The World: High Voltage (9 seconds)
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