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"You..user..are my greatest trial!" —Diego Brando


The World High Voltage (THE WORLDザ・ワールド Za Wārudo) is the Stand of the Another World Diego, featured in Steel Ball Run. This stand looks just like The World but with some different details, like its blonde, orange-yellow like tanks and completely yellow skin. It is obtained by using Eye of the Saint's Corpse on Shadow DIO. Diego was first introduced after Johnny defeated Funny Valentine, when the infinitely-rotating Funny Valentine brought Diego into the main universe using D4C to get the corpse.

It used to evolve into Diego's The World High Voltage by using a Cosmic Orb, but it's unobtainable. TWHV has been stated to be a fast and speedy stand, not going up close for its attacks, unlike its original universe counter-part The World. Most users of this stand stay as far away as they can, only coming close to finish the enemy off.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

The World High Voltage is obtained by using an Eye of the Saint on Shadow DIO.


Key Move Move Description DMG
E Muda Barrage TWHV throws out a flurry of hits as it screams "MUDA!" for each hit (1 Damage each hit, totaling about 28 damage.)
R Strong Punch TWHV hits the opponent with a strong punch, also screaming "MUDA!" as it strong punches (30 Damage)
T Knife Throw TWHV throws 4 knives forwards. (2 times) (3 each knife and totaling 24)
H Triple Muda TWHV throws 3 powerful strikes to the opponent (12 each punch, with the last punch dealing 30)
Y Revolver TWHV pulls out a revolver and shoots it at the opponent (35 damage)
J Horse The user of TW:HV mounts a horse, making it able to move faster. (NOTE: you cant use any moves on your horse except voicelines and summon stand) (N/A)
U Barb Wire TWHV throws Barbed Wire towards the victim, stunning them and dealing a decent amount of damage 50 Damage
F THE WORLD! TWHV Stops time for 5 seconds. This has a windup of AT LEAST 2 seconds, so you are likely to get it canceled. However, below 120 HP will have less windup, around 1 second. (N/A)
G "This is where the fun begins!" TWHV starts a cutscene, Time Stopping and throwing 3 rounds of knives in front of the user while shouting "MUDADA MUDAA!"

Note: This will very much hit the opponent even if they're far away.

135 Damage (Each Round)

Varies (Depends on how much knives hit the enemy”

N Quote Upon pressing N, you’ll say any of the quotes below:
  • ”I won! You’ve just proven all the weakness I guess you had!”
  • ”I’m going to teach you the meaning of the word ‘retire’!”
  • “Come on, make a deal with me! Give me Manhattan Island!”
  • "I'm going to cut your parts into pieces then line all of them on the ground in order!"


New Universe

Old Universe


  • LMB + LMB + LMB + R (Easy)
  • LMB + LMB + LMB + H (Easy)
  • T + Y + H (Medium)
  • LMB + LMB + LMB + E + R (Medium)
  • LMB + LMB + LMB + E + LMB + LMB + LMB + H + Y (Medium)
  • LMB + LMB + LMB + E + H + T + Y (Medium-Hard)
  • LMB + LMB + LMB + T + Y + LMB + LMB + LMB + E + LMB + LMB + LMB + H + T + Y (Hard)
  • E + LMB + LMB + LMB + H + T + Y + Jump and use U (Very hard)
  • F + LMB + LMB + LMB + T + Y + U + R (Ts ends) + E + H + T + Y (Insane)
  • LMB + LMB + LMB + E + T + Y + F + U + LMB + LMB + LMB + T + R + Y (ts ends) + E + LMB + LMB + LMB + H + V + LMB + LMB + LMB + R/LMB (EXTREME!)


  • All of The World High Voltage's quotes are taken from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.
  • The World High Voltage was called The World Alternate Universe (TW:AU) before the rework.
  • Silver Bullet is much faster than Slow Dancer.
  • This stand's health is 415 HP.
  • On September 24, 2020, The World: Alternate Universe received a rework.
  • High Voltage is a reference to the Steel Ball Run arc and a reference to the popular AC/DC song.

(Diego's Timestop quote is: Za Warudo! Ore dake no jikan daze! Otanoshimi wa kore karada!)

(English: The World! I have the time now! Here's where the fun begins!)