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"You will eventually gain the power of 'Over Heaven', but if you do then you'll be my biggest threat. I shall end you here." - DIO, Gone to Heaven (DIO, Tengoku e itta, 天国へ行った.)


The World OVAH is the stand of Heaven Ascension DIO OVA, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (OVA).The World OVAH is sometimes called Retro The World: Over Heaven (RTWOH) to the majority of AUT's Player Base. In A Universal Time, RTWOH has revealed its true prospective and gained the power of worthiness to get it's Over Heaven form.

The World Over Heaven + other Non-Canon Stands are extremely powerful stands in some JoJo Universes.

The World (OVAH) is an extremely high-damaging and powerful Stand, but just like its other variants, it mostly specializes in Close-range attacks. With its moves, this Stand can help the user win a lot of duels when used correctly.

How To Obtain

This stand can be obtained when using a Dio's Diary On The World OVA.


Similar to The World's model in appearance and build, The World (OVAH) bears the appearance of a towering, heavily muscular humanoid. It wears a headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height.

It keeps its heart motif on its belt, but its knees have a large letter D instead of a heart, and its chin now has a circle instead of a heart as well. The World (OVAH's) color scheme consists of an angelic white base with lime accessories. Its eyes are inverted, producing black sclera, white irises, and black pupils.



TWOVAOH Abilities
Keybind Move Description Damage
E + Hold "Muda, Muda, Muda!" The World OVAH goes in front of you, and throws a immense speed rate punches at your foe, dealing crazy damage. N/A
R "MUDA!" The World OVAH performs a heavy punch that deals a lot of damage. N/A
T "This is reality!" The World OVAH starts up a punch, and overwrite's anyone that got hit. N/A
Y Ally Heal The World OVAH heals the person that's infront of you. N/A
B + Y Self Heal You heal yourself. N/A
F "ZA WARUDO! TOKI WO TOMARE!!" The World OVAH stops time, giving you the advantage to attack your enemy. N/A
H Ground Slam The World slowly starts up a heavy punch and slam the ground. N/A
V "How many knives can you deflect?!" You throw a Heavenly Knife which deals a LOT of damage, and gives you the advantage of having a projectile, unlike SP:OH, this has small range, but as always, you can spam this knife in time-stop N/A


  • The Pose Music For TWOVAH is this link.
  • The World OVAH was removed due to the stand having A Bizarre Day Assets + The Model.
  • TWOVAH's HP is 425, the same health as Regular The World.
  • Using DIO's Diary On The World OVA will freeze you (not being able to move), and I recommend telling the developer's about this bug.
  • Heaven Ascension DIO OVA is not canon in any JJBA games or anime.