"There's no escape!"- Heaven Ascension DIO

[NOTE]: This stand is currently disabled/broken; this will change soon. Using Dio's Diary on The World will give you Human(Standless)


The World Over Heaven is the most extremely powerful non-canon stand shown in Eyes Of Heaven and In The JoJo Universe.

The World Over Heaven (ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン Za Wārudo Ōbā Hebun) is the Stand of Heaven Ascension DIO featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. It is an evolved variation of The World and considered by DIO to be the "Ultimate Stand". The World Over Heaven is among the final stands introduced in Eyes Of Heaven, as Heaven Ascension DIO is the user of The World and is the final boss in Eyes Of Heaven.

The World OVER HEAVEN is a close-ranged stand with up to 2 Meters from its user, and can be shortened to "TWOH", eventually, The World Over Heaven has no variants but it does have 1 Evolution.

The World Over Heaven is obtained by using a DIO Diary on The World.


Full Craft

Human + Arrow = The World (30%)
The World + DIO's Diary = The World Over Heaven


Key Ability Description Damage
E(Hold) Reality Breaking Barrage TWOH Unleashes a INSANE barrage that does GODLY amounts of damage.
R Muda Strike Over Heaven TWOH punches the target with sheer force 45
T Reality Breaking Punch TWOH Punches the target with a EXTREME force that can overwrite reality. Does EXTREME damage. While shouting: "Behold the obvilion of Death!"
Y Heal Punches a target who gets 50 hp healed
B+Y Self Heal You hit yourself healing 50 hp
H Reality Breaking Strike You Strike the ground making a massive beam of light that deals damage and ragdolls everyone in the area of the impact 50
F Time Stop Over Heaven TWOH Stops Time For 10 SECONDS!. Making it really annoying. And shouts: THE WORLD! OVER HEAVEN!
V Knife Throw You throw a white knife. Can be spammed in stopped time. 5(per knife)


  • The World Over Heaven is a close-ranged stand with up to 2 Meters.In cannon this does not matter due to the fact dio can just overwrite this to being a bigger range
  • The World Over Heaven has about 425 - 450 HP or more.
  • TWOH is a Heaven Stand.
  • All of the quotes for The World Over Heaven are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven.
  • TWOH will probably not get any more evolution's.
  • As of right now, The World Over Heaven is temporarily disabled.
  • TWOH's shiny variant is also disabled and removed.


  • "This is the path of heaven." "This is it. This is the Final Round!"
  • "You dare resist my reality? Haha, Muda Muda!"
  • "No one can destroy my Reality!"
  • "This is reality!"
  • "Reality... bends to my wills!"
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