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HollowKnight.jpeg The World Requiem is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"My will is my demand, I’ve truly become almighty!" —DIO Part 3 (DlO, ディオ))


The World Requiem is the highest A+ Tier Unobtainable in the Unobtainable Rarity Tier List. This stand possesses kind of moderate power in-game. In PvP Tier list, The World Requiem is B Tier.
The World Requiem is a requiem version of The World. Its appearance seems to be based on the stand stats image of The World, but with the black and yellow switched. The World Requiem (世界のレクイエム Sekai no rekuiemu) is a humanoid stand, and also the non-canonical requiem variant of The World, and the stand of DIO, the main antagonist that is featured in Stardust Crusaders.


The World Requiem resembles a well built man with somewhat entirely gray skin and orange pieces. TWR has a yellow circle with a neon yellow requiem arrow in it. It wears a black Cape, black, orange Gauntlets, a black tank, and what seems to be orange underwear. On his legs, he has the tip of a requiem arrow, a gold band, then the bottom of the arrow.

How to Obtain (Attainability)

The World Requiem is a humanoid stand that is obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Vampiric The World. The World Requiem was originally obtained by using a True Requiem Arrow on The World.

Abilities & Passives

Passive Description
Passive A - “This is… The World Requiem’s power!” (Removed) You have the ability to walk in other timestop stands TS for only 5 Second's.

E Abilities
Key Name Description Damage/Heal Cooldown
LMB Ascended Punches Hits the enemey at a mediocre rate 10/15 ~1 second
E(Hold) Ascended Muda Barrage The World Requiem sends out a flurry of punches dealing insane damage each hit 10/15 each hit 3 seconds
R Ascended Muda Heavy Punch The World Requiem strikes the enemey with a heavy punch 50/75 7.5 seconds
T Knife Throw The player throws a knife towards the direction they're facing 32/64 3.5 seconds
Y Healing Reality Overwrite Others The World Requiem does a heavy punch, but instead of damaging it heals whoever is hit +50 HP 15 seconds
B+Y Healing Reality Overwrite The World Requiem hits its user and grants them health +50 ~20 seconds
F Times Stop The World Requiem and its user strikes a pose then immdiently stops time, leaving opponents vunerable and the user can kill almost anyone while in stopped time N/A 30


V "Outside DIO's World"/ Time Stop Teleport The World Requiem and its user will do an Time Skip and relocate to wherever the user's cursor is pointed or moved at. This does not have Infinite Range. N/A 2.5 seconds


New Universe

Old Universe


  • It's currently trade-locked still, and will get a rework soon. It also is move-locked, meaning all moves are unusable
  • The World Requiems Stand Cry is "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!".
  • The World Requiem is shortened to TWR. It possesses moderate amount of strength in-game. Even though TWR possesses Moderate Strength in game, you could find good combo('s) that could kill anyone.
  • The World Requiem has the ability to stop time for a few seconds, but TWR doesn't have any requiem abilities yet.
  • The Pose Music For TWR's Pose is EVERYTHING WILL FREEZE, a Touhou Music made from UNDEAD CORPORATION and was released in 2013.
  • It's Health is 575, right now.
  • Besides Timestop, The World Requiem currently has no Requiem Abilities, and it's called "The World Requiem".
  • The World Requiem is getting an upcoming rework.
  • Eventually, people are saying that TWR's Remodel looks like Batman.
  • Instead of oxygen tanks on The World Requiems back, TWR wears a dark and black cape.
  • The World Requiem's new pose animation is based of Shadow DIO and Shadow's pose.
  • The World Requiem has 16 Points of Rarity, 0 Demand, and 0 Value.