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"I gave you an order, and I told you to pay me a protection fee! So you're going to disobey both of those? You're going to tell me, a Corporate Thug, "no" to both of those things?!" —A Corporate Thug


Thug(s) are a fragile enemy to fight, and they are apart of the Umbra quest. They can be easily killed with any ability, and they use Standless M1’s to attack. They have a very low cooldown and deals 10 damage per hit, unlike the normal player's 8 damage. You will also receive 1k uCoins upon killing one Thug.

As of now, thugs have 250 hp, but they used to have around 600 hp.

Thugs can be easily beaten by simply holding block when they attack and then counterattacking. With only access to clicks, they can be defeated easily.


  • The Thug appearance is randomized between 3 different avatars on spawn.
  • One of the Thugs had an appearance from popular Korean Netflix TV show "Squid Game" in the first two days of the Halloween Update but they were removed because they were just for testing.
  • Similarly to the Dio Boss, Thugs act like regular players and will give you 100 HP if you kill them.