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Treasure Chest


A treasure chest is an item that spawns every 5 minutes with a 90% chance. They despawn after 12 hours, ensuring that you can check all locations in time. Treasure chests have a chance of giving items ranging from Arrows to Cursed Orb. There is a low chance for chests to give up to 2, or 3 items at once. You can get no items, but coins only in some cases.



Items can be used for evolutions and trading. Opening a chest has a chance to grant an item which will appear in the player's hot-bar.

Universal Coins (UCoins) - (100%)

Universal Coins are a currency that you can use to buy items at Akira's Bizarre Shop. You can only get 2,000 UCoins each chest. However, if you are in a private server, you get 1,000 UCoins instead of 2,000 UCoins.

Arrows - (50%)

Arrows are an item that grants you stand abilities. Chances are equal to get the following stands:

X-Soul - (15%)

X-Soul is an item used to evolve Sans to X-Chara.

DIO's Diary - (9%)

Dio's Diary is an item which you can get by completing Pucci's quest. It can be used to evolve the following:

DIO's Bone - (9%)

Dio's Bone is an item needed to complete Pucci's quests for C-Moon, The World Over Heaven, and Made in Heaven.

Mysterious Hat - (9%)

Mysterious Hat is an item needed Jotaro's quest. After completing it, your Star Platinum will be replaced by Star Platinum The World.

Requiem Arrow - (9%)

Requiem Arrow is an item used on Gold Experience to get Gold Experience Requiem by pressing J on Gold Experience. (It was also once used to unlock King Crimson Requiem before it became unobtainable.)

Bone - (9%)

Bone is an item used on Standless to obtain Sans.

Tales of The Universe - (9%)

Tales of The Universe is an item needed to activate the Dawn Quest, needed to obtain Dawn. It is also used to get Sol after completing Jesus' or Dio's quest while having Star Platinum equipped.

Dragon Ball - (1%)

Dragon Ball is an item required to active Road To The Strongest quest (a total of 7 are needed). After completing the quest you click the Power option and you will obtain Goku. Alternatively you can get different stands/specs by choosing other options below:

Cursed Orb - (1%)

Cursed Orb is an item used on Shadow Dio/Star Platinum to obtain STWR and SPR. it is also used to spawn the Hollow (Boss) and the Umbra (Boss).

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