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A treasure chest is an item that spawns every 5 minutes with a 90% chance. they despawn after 12 hours. Treasure chests have a chance of giving items ranging from Arrows to Cursed Orb. There is a low chance for chests to give up to 2 or 3 items at once. You can get no items but coins only in some cases.



Items can be used for evolutions and trading. Opening a chest has a chance to grant an item which will appear in the player's hot-bar.

Universal Coins (UCoins) - (100%)

Universal Coins are a currency that you can use to buy items at Akira's Bizarre Shop. You can only get 2000 coins each chest. However, if you are in a private server, you get 1000 coins instead of 2000.

Arrows - (50%)

Arrows are an item that grants you stand abilities. Chances are equal to get the following stands:

X-Soul - (15%)

X-Soul is an item used to evolve Sans to X-Chara.

DIO's Diary - (9%)

Dio's Diary is an item which you can get by completing Pucci's quest. It can be used to evolve the following:

DIO's Bone - (9%)

Dio's Bone is an item needed complete Pucci's quests.

Mysterious Hat - (9%)

Mysterious Hat is an item needed Jotaro's quest. After completing it, your Star Platinum will be replaced by Star Platinum The World.

Requiem Arrow - (9%)

Requiem Arrow is an item used on Gold Experience to get Gold Experience Requiem by pressing J on Gold Experience.

Bone - (9%)

Bone is an item used on Standless to obtain Sans.

Tales of The Universe - (9%)

Tales of The Universe is an item needed to activate the Dawn Quest, needed to obtain Dawn. It is also used to get Sol.

Dragon Ball - (1%)

Dragon Ball is an item required to active Road To The Strongest quest (a total of 7 are needed). After completing the quest you click the Power option and you will obtain Goku. Alternatively you can get different stands/specs by choosing other options below:

Cursed Orb - (1%)

Cursed Orb is an item used on Shadow Dio/Star Platinum to obtain STWR and SPR.


  • Use King Crimson time erase to temporary see the entire map.
  • When AFK grinding for items, make sure you have auto clicker to grind for hours.