"ahehe..It's Because I Am Your Princess' Head Maid." - Sakuya Izayoi


Sakuya is a Female (♀️) Spec based off of 5th stage boss, 十六夜 咲夜(Izayoi Sakuya) from Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. To obtain it, you need to use Watch while being Standless.

She is the main maid who serves Remilia Scarlet, Being perhaps one of the most enigmatic characters, despite appearing in several games, Sakuya is the head of the Maid (servants) of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She works for her mistress, Remilia Scarlet, and is apparently the only human working or living in the mansion. Has the power to stop time.


The user has a watch in their left hand. They have an aura which is a circle that contains zodiac signs. The user also has a particle effect around their body.

On any ability use, aura becomes bigger and expands up to 3 layers of circle. Particles shows where you were 3 seconds ago (useful for Time Rewind).

Passive Abilities, and Features

User has a limited amount of 100 knives (missed knives picked up) and knives regenerate passively every second (3 per sec).

Each knife deals 10 DMG, 20 DMG if critical hit. Knives become material and damage dealing 0.5–1 seconds after throwing. It was most likely made to prevent spam on closer range.

Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Timestop Movement You are able to move in timestop sometimes.
Passive B (2) Faster Walkspeed You have a faster walkspeed compared to standless.
Passive C (3) Knife Regeneration You regenerate knives overtime.

NOTE: Resetting doesn't regenerate all the knives anymore.

Passive D (4) More Knives You Use More Knives When You Stop Time.(3 knives to 5 knives)
Passive E (5) Time Control Sakuya has one "Charge" of timestop, using time stop on any of her moves will use it up, causing the other moves to be used without time stop.

Moveset and Abilities (Most of Sakuya's Moves are Aimed with a mouse.)
Key Move Name Description Damage Duration Cooldown
Knife Throw User throw's 3 Knives in a wide pattern. User can throw 5 knives in TS. (Aimed with mouse.) 20-40 None None (Spammable)
Knife Barrage Sakuya stops time to later throw 15 knives at the enemy. 10-150 5 3, 22
Heavy Volley Stop time then throw 25 Knives. 10-250 4 10
Reverse Time Sakuya teleports back to where she was 3 Seconds ago.(You can also be teleported to where ever your aura is located.) Reverts HP Back, too. None None 2
You're finished. (This will be enough.) Stop time once again, but this time, you throw 3 Sets of 15 Knives. 20-450 6 30
「Sakuya's World」 You stop time for 3 Seconds or so, giving her advantage. None 3 7
Outside Of 「Sakuya's World」 Sakuya teleports where her cursor is, it also pushes everyone near her forward, sort of like she's accelerating time. None None 2
N NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Quotes Pressing N will play some Sakuya Quote's w/ Audio (OFC). None None None
H NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Flowering Night Flowering Night Theme Starts Playing... None Forever None

Pros And Cons


  • Has 3 Second Timestop Cooldown if used correctly.

  • Basically, All Of The Moves Are Mostly Timestop, Besides H and N.

  • Can timeskip/teleport.

  • Able to move in some timestops.

  • Good Agility Speed.

  • Looks nice (Not relatable to PVP)


  • The spec/stand is very easy to kill
  • Can be countered by multiple stands.
  • Maximum of 100 knives
  • Blocking makes the damage very low.
  • Impossible to use on mobile.

Sakuya Quotes (IN-GAME)


  • "Let us dance - until the end of this life!"
  • "Ahehe... It's because I'm your Princess's Head Maid."
  • "Thank you; but unfortunately, my mistress is waiting."
  • "Interesting. Well, let's finish this."


  • 8 seconds must be waited between E, R and F moves, otherwise, Time Stop will not happen (this rule is a little more lenient with the B move).
  • Sometimes, Time Stop in attack skills don't work as they should. In some cases, knives start to fly immediately after using the skill, ignoring their passive state.
  • Sakuya's time stopping power does not affect other fellow Sakuya's.
  • Sadly enough, Sakuya cannot pose anymore, they've removed Sakuya's Pose.
  • The knife amount doesn't reset upon death anymore.
  • The displayed cool-down timers are inaccurate.
  • Sakuya was nerfed hard since it's release, from 20-40 dmg knives to twice as lower, from 800 HP down to 300.
  • In some Time Stops this spec could not even move unlike before, ShadowDIO being one exception.
  • New Quotes have been added.
  • When doing an "!vs" command with Sakuya, you will spawn outside of the arena.
  • Sakuya currently has 600 Health.
  • Sakuya is a JoJo Reference, due to her timestop and knives ability, which is the same to timestop stands in JoJo.
  • Sakuya is 20 Years Old.
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