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"This ability has far surpassed a simple nail… it’s a Tusk. From now on I will call this Tusk." —Johnny Joestar


Tusk Act 1 is the fundamental Act known of Tusk Act 2, 3, and 4. It's the stand featured in the Anime/Manga Part: JJBA, Part 7: Steel Ball Run Though, this stand's tier is C Tier in trading, but people overpriced this stand's rarity once it came out because of Tusk's Rework. Tusks ability is to shoot out nails. The user of this stand is Johnny Joestar, the main protagonist of Steel Ball Run.

Tusk is tradeable, but the Acts don't transfer. Your own Tusk Acts save, but doesn't transfer to the other person you traded with, Do not scam others with this method


Tusk Act 1 resembles as a small pink bird, with a few yellow stars on its forehead and 2 marked smaller stars on the ears, eight wavering vestiges, pinkgrey beak/cone, blue/purple eyes, 2 pink arms, 4 leg-looking stuff on the bottom of TA1, 1 Huge Star on TA1 and a medium-sized star on his bottom


New Obtain Method

Finding the Corpse Left Arm, and using the Corpse Left Arm on Standless

Old Obtain Method

Tusk Act 1 is obtained by finding and clicking on a orange-yellow crystal on the desert island therefore named "Devil's Palm".


Passive Passive Name Description
Passive 1 - A Dark Determination Upon reaching half health, the user gains a buff called "Dark Determination". This will buff the damage of attacks by what seems to be about 20-40% more damage.
Passive 2 - B Crippled (Removed) The user is crippled and walks 50% slower than normal.

SPOILER: This passive exists because before Johnny got his stand + TA4, he was crippled and was unable to Walk.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldowns
T Nail Shots Due to Tusk's ability being able to shoot nails, you can shoot multiple nail's. Though, each Tusk act can only shoot a different maximum of nails. 24 3 seconds
R Scratch The users right hand has a blue aura and throws their right arm, scratching the victim. Total dmg 31.5 10 seconds
B Tusk Healing Brew - "Herbal tea" Tusk Act 1's User brings out a cup of tea/coffee and heals' their user by 40 HP. None 37 seconds
V Nail Glide The user uses their nail to glide on the ground to go anywhere faster or escape from somebody

Note: Gliding last for 5 seconds

None 15 seconds

H Dark Determination When activated the user gets 85 health points back and also gets gets dmg buff, this also last for about 40 seconds, you can only activate this if your health bar is color red

1 minute and 35 seconds
N Quote Upon pressing N, you'll say one of the quotes below:
  • "I'm gonna crush you at all costs!"
  • "You seem to have a lot of free time on your hands."
  • "Did the president send you after me?! I'm not handing over the corpse!"
] Switch ACT Summons Tusk Act 2, assuming the user has completed the Johnny Joestar quest. 3 seconds


New Universe

Old Universe


  • This stand is C Tier in trading.
  • Current Health: 535 HP
  • In the song "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac, if you have a keen ear, you can hear someone in the background say "How are the tenders, Johnny?" right before the beat begins (The timestamp is 14 seconds in). It's possible this is where Araki got the name for Johnny Joestar.
  • Tusk Act 1 doesn't have Slow Dancer, only Nail Glide.

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