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"I want to know the power of the spin! If I don't, everything will end here!" —Johnny Joestar


Tusk Act 2 is a canon stand that possesses below average power.

Tusk Act 2 (牙法2 (牙法令2) Kiba-hō 2) is the succeeding act of Tusk Act 1, and the previous act before TA3 and Tusk Act 4. It's the stand of Johnny Joestar, featured in JJBA, P7: Steel Ball Run. In terms of Tier Lists, this stand is B Tier, along with Tusk Act 4 and Tusk Act 3.

It has the same ability, which is to shoot nails, but this time it can create wormholes + nails.

Tusk is tradeable, but the Acts don't transfer. Your own Tusk Acts save, but doesn't transfer to the other person you traded with. (Tusk Acts can be switched with the "]" key. Yep, you read that correctly.)

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Tusk Act 2 is obtained by interacting with Johnny Joestar, an NPC that appears outside of station B once you’ve interacted with him, you’re given a quest to “hone” your nails, “meaning that you must Nail-Glide for 10 minutes or 600 seconds."


Passive Description
Spin This is rotational energy which is automatically paired with Tusk Acts 1-4. You do not need to activate it and nor can you disable it.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB / M1 LMB autocombo The user punches twice and then shoots two nails forward. 10 every punch. 0.8
R Scratch The user charges spin and swings their hand at a medium-fast rate. 25 - 37.5 8 Seconds
T ( held) Nail Shot The user charges spin and shoots 2 nails from their finger tips dealing 12 damage, 32 damage if both hit. The key can be released early to shoot 1 nail. 12 - 32 2 Seconds
F Last Resort The user spins a steel ball in their right hand and throws it forward (You can charge to deal more dmg) 35.9 (50.1 if charge) 11.5 Seconds
G Wormhole Shot The user charges up spin and who ever has a "!" mark on their head will be targeted, the nail comes out from the wormhole and shoots the target. 27.5 10 Seconds
J Slow Dancer The user summons Slow Dancer, Johnny's horse. N/A 25 Seconds
B Herbal Tea The user pulls out a cup of herbal tea and drinks it, regenerating 40 Health. +40 Health 35 Seconds
H Dark Determination Coats the user in a lighter sky-blue aura and gives glowing eyes. Gives the users 5 seconds of invincibility, and heals the user. (Note: You can't move during Invincibility) Requires to be at 150 hp or less +85 Health 150 Seconds
[ and ] Switch ACT Pressing [ summons Tusk Act 1, while pressing ] summons Tusk Act 3 (assuming the user have met the Jesus NPC) N/A 3 Seconds


  • Dark Determination's rooted invincibility can be bypassed via riding Slow Dancer.
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