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"If your heart is wavering... do not shoot. Because a new path will open for you." —Jesus Christ


Tusk Act 3 is the Act after Tusk Act 2. Tusk Act 3 first appears in Steel Ball Run, Chapter 59: A Dream Of Gettysburg. It gains the ability of making wormholes, while Tusk Act 2’s abilities were to shoot more powerful, Golden Rectangle Nails.

Tusk is tradeable, but the Acts don't transfer. Your own Tusk Acts save, but doesn't transfer to the other person you traded with.


Tusk Act 3 is a pink coloured stand, which has a purple Mohawk on its head, a pink jaw, 2 yellow colored stars above it's eyes, 2 ears which have a grey marble on the end of the ears, 3 Grey Spikes on both its hands and foot, a purple shoulder pad which has a yellow colored star with a pink-ish outline around the yellow star and 6 stars on the top of it's torso.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Tusk Act 3 is obtained by activating Dark Determination with Tusk Act 2, with Jesus appearing behind you and you interact with him. Dark Determination is activated by pressing H while having your health bar in the "red zone".

(1% chance for him to appear every time Dark Determination is used)

Dialogue when talking to Jesus

  • Jesus: "I shall guide you even further, my child."
  • Player: " :flushed: "


Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB/M1 LMB Combo The user throws a two punches at the victim, each punch dealing up to 10 Damage, then shooting two nail shots at where the user is facing, each dealing 5 Damage. 10 Damage,

5 Damage

2 Seconds
T Nail Shot The user spins their nails, shooting two at where the user is facing, 32 Damage 2 Seconds
G Wormhole Nail Shot The user enters a wormhole, from which an arrow appears over a nearby player. After, an exclamation mark will appear over the selected player, and then a nail will be shot from a wormhole, as the user reappears. 27.5 Damage 10 Seconds
R Nail Scratch The user throws their right arm, scratching the victim completely, dealing 30 Damage. 30 Damage 9 Seconds
F Last Resort The user rotates their right arm with a spin-ball using the spin rotation technique learned from Gyro. This move can be hold onto to deal extra damage. 35 Damage

(50 when Held)

13 Seconds
[ and ] Switch ACT Pressing [ summons Tusk Act 2, while pressing ] summons Tusk Act 4 (assuming the user have completed Gyro's quest) N/A 3 Seconds
N Quotes When pressing N you will say one of this random quotes:
  • "I'm not giving up."
  • "Lesson Four: show some respect."
  • "I'm going to take you down."
  • What a joke.
None When the other quote ends


  • Some people consider this stand is a downgrade of Tusk Act 2, mainly because you cannot summon Slow Dancer and the endlag after using Wormhole.
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