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"If your heart is wavering... do not shoot. Because a new path will open for you." —Jesus Christ


Tusk Act 3 is the succeeding Act after Tusk Act 2. Tusk Act 3 first appears in Steel Ball Run, Chapter 59: A Dream Of Gettysburg. It gains the ability of making wormholes, while Tusk Act 2’s abilities were to shoot more powerful, Golden Rectangle Nails.


Tusk Act 3 resembles as a pink stand, which has a purple Mohawk on its head, a pink jaw, 2 yellow colored stars above its eyes, 2 ears which have a grey marble on the end of the ears,3 Grey Spikes on both its hands and foot, a purple shoulder pad which has a yellow colored star with a pink-ish outline around the yellow star, 6 stars on the top of Tusk Act 3’s torso.


Tusk Act 3 is obtained by activating Dark Determination with Tusk Act 2, with Jesus appearing behind you and you interact with him. Dark Determination is activated by pressing H while having your health bar in the "red zone". (1% chance for him to appear every time Dark Determination is used).

Dialogue when talking to Jesus

Jesus: "I shall guide you even further, my child."

Player: “😳”


Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB/M1 LMB Combo The user throws a two punches at the victim, each punch dealing up to 10 Damage, then shooting two nail shots at where the user is facing, each dealing 5 Damage. 10 Damage,

5 Damage

2 Seconds
T Nail Shot The user spins their nails, shooting two at where the user is facing, 32 Damage 2 Seconds
G Wormhole The user enters a wormhole, from which they can then maneuver to others and fire nails at them. 27.5 Damage 10 Seconds
R Nail Scratch The user throws their right arm, scratching the victim completely, dealing 30 Damage. 30 Damage 9 Seconds
F Last Resort The user rotates their right arm with a spin-ball using the spin rotation technique learned from Gyro. This move can be hold onto to deal extra damage. 35 Damage

(50 when Held)

13 Seconds
N Quotes When pressing N you will say one of this random quotes:
  • "I'm not giving up."
  • "Lesson four: show some respect."
  • "I'm going to take you down."
  • What a joke.
None When the other quote ends