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… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… I wanted to believe… I really wanted to believe the President… Goodbye, user

… Goodbye..." —Johnny Joestar


Tusk Act 4 is the final act of every Tusk Act and sometimes written as 爪) is the Stand of Johnny Joestar, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, 7th adaptation, Steel Ball Run, a JoJo Part that has a race from San Diego to New York. This stand is not tradable, attempting to do so will revert it to Tusk Act 1. Tusk Act 4 is the most powerful act out of all the other Tusk Acts and Tusk Act 4 is also known as one of the strongest stands in the JoJo Universe.

Tusk is tradeable, but the Acts don't transfer. Your own Tusk Acts save, but doesn't transfer to the other person you traded with. Please do not scam others with this trick/method.


Tusk Act 4 is an all pink Stand, with its head on the middle of it's torso with white eyes and a black star shape around the eyes, a yellow horseshoe on its forehead, pink jaw, big purple shoulder pads with yellow stars on the shoulder pads, yellow hands, pink big skirt which covers most of the legs, pink wrist gloves/guards which have a few stars on them, pink knee pads with a yellow star on it and 2 big stars on the near bottom of it’s leg.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Universe Obtainment Method

Tusk Act 4 is obtained by having the Eye of the Saint with Tusk Act 3, holding the Eye of the Saint to Gyro Zeppeli or Johnny Joestar, and they'll evolve your Tusk act 3 into Tusk act 4.

Old Obtainment Method

Tusk Act 4 is obtained by calling out your horse, riding around the map with the Steel Ball/Spin Item equipped in your hand alongside Tusk Act 3 summoned. Once the Steel Ball starts manufacturing Yellow Circles, that is when you’ll obtain Tusk Act 4. (This was the more canon way, as Johnny was able to evolve his stand by using the horse to make a Golden Rectangle, allowing him to tap into the Infinite Rotation and gain Tusk Act 4.)


Passive Description
Passive A - Infinite Rotation Thanks to it's infinite energy and rotation power, Tusk Act 4 is capable of moving for 1 second in stopped time. This passive can be used on every Act as long as Tusk Act 4 has been unlocked.
Passive B - Dark Determination Upon reaching 35% HP or Lower, you’ll be able to activate the move. While Dark Determination is activated/awakened, all of your moves’ cooldowns will be reduced by 25% for 4 Minutes. You also gain 85 HP instantly. This Passive can be used on every Act.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user summons Tusk Act 4, whilst saying "Tusk Act 4". N/A 1 Second
LMB/M1 LMB Combo The user strikes with 2 punches, continuing with 2 nail shots. 10 DMG (punch)

5 DMG (nail shot)

E Barrage Tusk Act 4 throws a lot of punches, barraging the enemy whilst saying “Ora!” continuously, dealing 1.6 Damage every punch that hit. 1.6 Damage Per Punch

(Full Barrage Damage Result: 49)

14 Seconds
J + E Wormhole Barrage When you are riding on Slow Dancer and hold E, A marker will appear on the person nearest to you, If you release the key then Tusk will dive into wormhole only to suddenly appear infront of the marked person, It also puts an exclamation mark above your opponent, If they are skilled they can block it but if not Tusk will unleash a short burst of punches, During this the player can freely ride the horse and Tusk will retreat automatically. 2.9 Damage per punch (Full barrage: 59.14 damage)
R Skull Basher Tusk Act 4 Grabs the enemy's head for 20 damage and after that tusk slams the head and the body of the enemy onto the ground in result of another 20 damage. (this move can grab more than one person, so it's fun if you use it on a crowd.) 20 Damage Per Successful Hit. (40 Total Damage)
T Nail Shot The user charges their finger nails and fires 2 shots 44

(fully charged)

H Dark Determination Dark Determination is available at 187.25 HP or below, When activating H move user will release the quote: "Not So... NOBLE!" During the quote you cannot move, attack, but cannot be harmed either. During Dark Determination you heal 85 HP and get all cooldowns reduced by 25%. This move activates Passive B, named after the moves name "Dark Determination". COOL DOWN


V Unrelenting


The player says "Its time for Lesson 5" while doing a pose in the air, Then the player shoots a single block-bypassing nail, If it hits, a fan-made Steel Ball Run Theme will play, Then the player will yell out some battle cries and say "HERE" and "TAKE THIS" while slamming the enemy multiple times, Then the player will finally start scream the battle cry "ORA" while saying "Its truly, Truly been a very long roundabout path" while throwing consecutive punches on to the enemy which increasingly get faster, Then the player says "Arigato, Gyro" and then Tusk will spin and punch the enemy knocking them far back, Then the player will stay in a pose pointing in the air for a couple of seconds until returning back to normal, While doing the start up animation, You can move in the air freely so you can position your shot. 101 Total Damage.
J Horse The user yells out "Slow Dancer!" and then white horse with cream colored hair and pistachio green saddle will appear and the player will be sitting on it, It can be used to pull off the Wormhole Barrage move and to basically buff your mobility, Before running the horse will walk for a few seconds. If someone hits you your horse will be withdrawn and you'll be stunned for a while. You can again press J to withdraw it manually. None
F Rotational Guidance The player charges a nail shot. If successfully hit, Tusk will dive into a wormhole and an exclamation mark will appear above the person who got hit by the nail. Afterward a wormhole will appear near the victim and Tusk will appear from that wormhole, punching the victim. Tusk will return to the user afterwards. 56.25
Y Wormhole Crash When pressed Y, Tusk will dive in a wormhole and them suddenly appear again at the place you pressed Y with your cursor via a wormhole, And then slam the ground giving an AoE damage to everyone around that wormhole. 51.25
B Herbal Tea The user drinks a cup of tea which heals 40 HP. None
[ Switch ACT Pressing [ summons Tusk Act 3.


New Universe

Old Universe


  • The most basic combo for TA4 in New Universe is E -> R -> Y -> F.
  • If you are riding a horse while drinking tea, the horse will disappear without cooldown, allowing you to reactivate the horse instantly (assuming it isn't already on cooldown.)
  • Being on a horse makes you faster and allows you to use Wormhole Barrage, which is even stronger and easier to hit than the regular Barrage and allows you to move fast while barraging. However, all nail moves will be harder to hit and Unrelenting Assault is not useable while on the horse. Still, being on horseback as much as possible is worth it.
  • (ADVANCED) If an enemy is about to use Time Stop, quickly switch back to Tusk Act 3 with the "[" key and press G to climb into the wormhole. With Infinite Rotation, you will be able to move in Time Stop long enough to do this, and it will allow you to avoid the majority of Time Stop, as well as firing a powerful nail that will deal 40 damage to the opponent.
  • When you're on the horse, hold E, then try to let your opponent hit you off, then once your opponent hits you off, release E, which will cause wormhole barrage to go off, after the wormhole barrage is over, you will be able to use another barrage directly after being able to chain your wormhole barrage with your barrage, then you can extend into 2 M1s + R or + F.
  • Spam F and run away with J its a hit and run move that no other stand can do.


  • Tusk Act 4 in Old Universe wasn't a act switchable stand until it received its rework on January 2021.
  • Tusk Act 4 had a Shiny until it got a rework.
  • Tusk Act 4 requires skill, as it has a lot of moves.
  • Unrelenting Assault can easily be avoided, since the move doesn't have a stun lock on the enemy, and can't be aimed with a cursor.
  • When you use "Herbal Tea" while your on Slow Dancer, Slow Dancer will disappear.
  • Tusk Act 4 has one of the most famous quotes that the ROBLOX JoJo Community uses - "Arigato, Gyro."

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