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Tusk Act 4 (タスク (牙) Tasuku is the final act of every Tusk Act in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, and sometimes written as 爪) is the Stand of Johnny Joestar, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7: Steel Ball Run, an JoJo Part that has a race from San Diego to New York. Tusk Act 4 is A Tier in Trading.


Tusk Act 4 is obtained by calling out your horse, riding around the map with the Steel Ball/Spin Item equipped in your hand alongside Tusk Act 3 summoned. Once the Steel Ball starts manufacturing Yellow Circles, that is when you’ll obtain Tusk Act 4.


Tusk Act 4 resembles as an All Pink Stand



Passive Description
Dark Determination Developers or Kur’s Explanation On Passive: "Upon reaching 35% HP or Lower, you’ll be able to activate the move once per life. While Dark Determination is activated/awakened, all of your moves’ cooldowns will be reduced by 25% for 4 Minutes."

This Passive can be used on every Act.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user summons Tusk Act 4, whilst saying "Tusk". None 1 Second
LMB/M1 LMB Combo