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"What can I help you with today?" —Guide


Guide is an NPC which tells you mostly everything about/of the game. He tells you some stuff (or mostly everything) about your Stand/Spec, Crafting (Crafting System), Locations, and How you can play the game, developers said there’s much more Guide can explain to you (though, he only has four dialogue options; could possibly get more dialogue options in the future). All dialogue are made by Kur (or perhaps some of the developers out there in A Universal Time).


Guide appears leaning on a pillar in Station A and B.


Regular Dialogue

Once you press E on him, he'll say "Greetings, [PLAYER USERNAME]. What can I help you with today?

Stand/Spec (Tell me more about my ability)

Once you’ve chosen "Tell me more about my ability", Guide will say this: "Oh! That’s [your stand or spec name]. It’s a [rarity] ability. Maybe you could trade it for something else, or not, that’s okay too."