"This is the perfect being that Kars has turned into thanks to the Red Stone!"

How to Obtain

Obtained by using Aja Mask on Kars

Note: Most people name this specialty Kars ULF (as it shows In menu stats) instead of Ultimate Life Form Kars. It is currently B-Tier.


Kars Ultimate Life Form is the being that Kars became by using the Aja Mask, Featured in Battle Tendency.

Type of ability Name Desc
Passive A Regeneration The player's body is superior to all living life and has acquired the ability to repair itself.
Passive B Peak condition Due to the player's perfect genetics, the player has enhanced leaping, running and dashing.

ULF Kars was nerfed heavily. Barrage/Punch is 2x weaker and all other moves have been nerfed by ~5 damage but we may have to say goodbye to most mobile Kars user.

Ability Desc Dmg
Q Boost Ultimate Life Form boosts itself, gaining 2x damage for a medium duration of time. If Y is pressed during this boost, it gains a further boost with its bone blades
Hold E Brilliant Ultimate Bone Blade The player does a very fast rush dealing AMAZING damage whilst healing themselfs. 6/12



R Ultimate Life Form Punch The player does an extremely fast punch that deals incredible damage with loads of knock back. 106/212



T Blood Suck The player grabs an opponent with both hands and drain their blood,healing the user. 51/102



H Slam? Maybe an unfinished move, as there is no animation, or start up for this move. 131/262


F Spinning Attack The player spins into their opponents,cutting them and throwing them away. This deals good damage. 151/302



C Flight ULF uses its wings to fly
Z Jump Jump a large distance
V Dash Dashes forward


  • F + T, grants high damage and it heals.
  • F + H
  • F + H + R + T (Basically mash the keyboard).

Pros and Cons


  • EXTREMELY high speed.
  • Although after the nerf, it can deal some good damage.
  • T can heal a lot of health.
  • H is an invisible move.
  • Can jump high.


  • Can have a disadvantage against Time Stop stands.
  • Lacks ranged moves (Speed makes up for that).
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