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Umbra (Ability)
HollowKnight.jpeg Umbra is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"Foolishness, user . Foolishness. Might controls everything. And without strength you can not protect anything. Let alone yourself." —Umbra


Umbra is Permanently Tradelocked (PT) + Unobtainable, meaning it uses the "PT" tier in the Unobtainable tier list.

The spec itself is based off the video game character "Vergil" from the Devil May Cry series

You could get this randomly in the "One for All URF" 1v1s mode, which became possible on 27/09/2021, however, this mode was discontinued on 23/11/2021.


Umbra has the appearances of a katana with a neon pink blade and gray handle with a purple aura covering the player and sword.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

Umbra can't be obtained in New Universe anymore, it's permanently trade-locked and one of the rarest unobtainables, with the only way to use it being to get lucky in (the now defunct) URF One for all gamemode.

Old Obtainment Method

Phantom Blade was obtained by using Holy Diary on Anubis.


Umbra (NU) Moveset
Keybind Name Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Phantom Slice
Umbra fin.gif
The user swings and slashes the enemy 4 times, with the fourth hit dealing 5 Tick Damage, and landing a final hit which causes the user to dash and cut the target a lot. 5 Damage (Slashes), 5 x 3 Tick Damage (Fourth Hit), 5 x 5 Damage (Multiple Hits/Final Slashes) .3 seconds per lmb
E Slashes
Slash 3 times and send out slash-shaped projectiles (Blockable) 10 x 3 damage per slash 8 seconds
R Last Rite
Put out a large AoE around the user, anyone hit is stunned and takes 30 damage (Blockable) 30 damage 13 seconds
T Elegant Bladework
Slash 5 times in a row, each slash doing 8 damage 8 x 5 damage 9.5 seconds
Y Judgement Cut
Flash a red [!] over your enemies head, and then fire 3 auto aim projectiles that lock on and stun (Blockable) 10 x 3 damage 9.5 seconds
F Umbral Execution
Open up a large AoE around the user, anyone caught is slowed, and takes 60 damage if they dont iframe/get out the AoE (UNBLOCKABLE) 60 Damage 35 seconds
G Umbral Swords
Summon sword-shaped projectiles that hover around your character, your next attack will have a +20 damage added to the original damage of the move. N/A 10 seconds
C Umbral Dash
The user dashes forward in a flurry of purple, causing the user to cover more ground and dodge attacks. N/A
N Quotes The user says one of 4 quotes
  • I'm motivated!
  • ... Dissappointing.
  • Might... Controls... Everything
  • You think you stand a chance.
N/A When Quote Ends

Umbra (NU) Sovereign Movese
Keybind Name Move Description Damage Cooldown
H Sovereign
Umbra H.gif
While under 50% HP (200), awaken and gain a new move, +30% damage resistance. Along with this, all your voicelines and quotes change during this state, and it plays a cool theme. This state lasts until you die. This move also gives iframes. N/A ~25 seconds
E Erasure
Fire a thin beam from your Sovereign Sign that deals a 1.3 second stun (Guardbreak) 50 damage 14 seconds
N Quotes (sovereign) W.I.P. The user says one of 4 quotes below
  • Show me your motivation.
  • This shall be your grave.
  • You think you stand a chance.
N/A When Quote Ends



  • Umbra is confirmed of never getting nerfed as said by the developers. Proven wrong as the spec has been nerfed multiple times since early release, losing 100 hp (500 -> 400), having longer cooldowns (Umbral blades used to have no cd, with execute having a 10 second cd), Judgement cut gaining a windup, Erasure losing the 5 second stun to be neutral on hit, and the removal of Last Rite (EX) during Sovereign. Along with this, during the 18/12/2021 update, Sovereign was removed.
  • Umbra is the only unobtainable to have a signature moveset while all the unobtainables are reskins of other stands.
  • Umbra cannot be traded. (Tradelocked)
  • The names were originally: "Skilled Anubis" then "Charged Anubis" then "Phantom Blade" before finally becoming "Umbra" in the new universe
  • Umbra is the first unobtainable spec that is permanently unobtainable.
  • Has no guardbreaks in base. Simply hold the block button and wait for an opening while fighting an Umbra user.
  • Based off of "Vergil" from the Devil May Cry series.
  • Umbra's awakening theme is Tales of ARISE | Opening - HIBANA (Guitar Pro 7 Instrumental)

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