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HollowKnight.jpeg Umbra is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"I am the storm that is approaching, provoking." —User of Umbra


Charged Anubis/Phantom Blade is Permanently Tradelocked (PT) + Unobtainable, meaning it doesn't have any Tiers in Unobtainable Tier List.

You can get this randomly in a random stand 1vs1, which became possible on 27/09/2021, also known as a "One for All URF" duel. Confirmed to have 400 HP in one of these random-stand duels.


Phantom Blade is a non-canon variant of Anubis, which has the appearances of: Twisted Blade With All Neon Pink On Its Color, And The Handle Of The Blade is all grey.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

Umbra can't be obtained in New Universe anymore, it's permanently trade-locked and the rarest unobtainable. The only way it could be "obtained" is doing the Ultra Rapid Fire 1v1's game-mode, as it's the only unobtainable with it's own moveset.

Old Obtainment Method

Phantom Blade was obtained by using Holy Diary on Anubis back in the Old Universe. It won't work anymore now because it's permanently unobtainable along with the Holy Diary and Anubis.


Umbra (NU) Moveset
Keybind Name Description
LMB Phantom Slice The user swings and slashes the enemy 4 times, with the fourth hit dealing 5 Tick Damage, and landing a final hit which causes the user to dash and cut the target a lot. 5 Damage (Slashes), 10 Tick Damage (Fourth Hit), 5 Damage (Multiple Hits/FInal Slashes) .3 seconds per lmb
E Slashes Slash 3 times and send out slash-shaped projectiles (Blockable) 10 damage per slash (30 total) 8 seconds
R Last Rite Put out a large aoe around the user, anyone hit is stunned and takes 30 damage (Blockable) 30 damage 13 seconds
F Umbral Execution Open up a large aoe around the user, anyone caught is slowed, and takes 60 damage if they dont iframe/get out the aoe (UNBLOCKABLE) 60 35 seconds
G Umbral Swords Summon sword shaped projectiles that hover around your character, your next hit will deal 20 more damage due to the projectiles (Blockable) +20 damage on next move 10 seconds



  • Umbra is the only unobtainable to have a signature moveset while all the unobtainables are reskins of other stands.
  • Phantom blade cannot be traded.
  • Phantom Blade’s new name is “Umbra”.
  • Phantom blade was Originally called "Charged Anubis" but got later changed to “Phantom Blade”. Now the new name is “Umbra”.
  • Umbra is the first unobtainable spec that is permanently unobtainable.
  • Has no guardbreaks.
  • Based off Vergil from the "Devil May Cry" series.