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Umbra is a sword-wielding foe who is able to use a wide variety of sword attacks to attack opponents. Umbra has more health than regular players, just like DIO, at 1,500 health.

Before release, this boss was stated to be even harder to beat than DIO, by "me am nub" who stated "You will definitely need a team of 3+ players to defeat Umbra."

If the boss has reached 30% of its health from attacks, they will awaken and stay in their awakened state for the rest of the fight until they have been defeated by a player. This will change the moveset of the boss and increase his damage.

Spawn Conditions

You must use a Cursed Orb, (obtainable through Shenron's quest or through a Treasure Chest with a 1% chance) and a Tales of the Universe (obtainable through Treasure Chests with a 9% chance).

NOTE:(You must get the Umbra Quest first BEFORE you fight umbra otherwise you will have to fight him again to get either Yasuo or Yone.

DO NOT hold out the tales as you summon the boss, as it'll summon hollow instead.

Keybind Move Description Damage DPS Cooldown
LMB Base Slash Regular old slashes. 4 hit combo. 8 dmg 32 3-4 secs
E Erasure (Awakening Only) Overwrites E move and replaces it with this new move. Shoot a electric beam. ? ? ?
R Rebirth (Awakening Only) Overwrites R move and replaces it with this new move. Summon a giant sword that will crash down onto the ground and pulse shockwaves. ? ? ?
T Elegant Bladework Perform 5 quick slashes, this can be recasted to do one more aoe slash to knock back opponents (Used as a combo extender/breaker). Sovereign state increase damage for each slash and the last slash causes bleeding damage. ? ? ?
Y Judgement Cut If you’ve played DMC5 you already know, shoot out 3 projectiles which explode into sword cuts. Sovereign state allows it to be performed faster. ? ? ?
G Sovereign An awakening move to be activated at 50% hp and perform a cutscene. This form modifies some of the moves or grant new moves. ? ? ?
V Counter Enter a counter stance where you counter attack all incoming attacks for the next 2 seconds. This can be recasted to end early. This will also deflect projectiles. In sovereign state, these counter attacks become judgement cuts. ? ? ?
C Umbral Dash Sovereign state causes the user to tp behind the closest target within 80 studs, otherwise perform normal dash. ? ? ?

Kill Guide

Bring STWR, go to the middle of the boss altar, freeze time, spawn Umbra, and use a bike to run a good distance before time resumes. Go back to the altar and spam STWR Y move, remember to stand outside of the altar. (STWR is recommended to use because the Y skill has fast cooldown and decent damage.)


  • Umbra is the second boss to be added into New Universe, the first one being DIO (Boss) (always in AUT), and the third being Hollow (Now removed), and the fourth being Boa Hancock.
  • There is also a pity system for the drops of this boss where you are guaranteed to get a drop if you don't get anything 3 times in a row.
  • Umbra now guarantees drops.