And I thought you were strong!

-Kur playing a game with some of his dedicated members


God Essence - Universe Ruler cant die (Inf HP)

Movesets [OLD]

LMB - Universe Flame - Universe Ruler makes a flame rule killing everyone in touch

R - Rain Of Universe Arrow - Universe Ruler makes arrow rains around him [No Cooldown]

F - Giant Universe Arrow - Universe Ruler makes a giant arrow appear

H - Universe Counter - Universe Ruler makes a counter if anyone gets close

Z - Flight - Universe Ruler use its wings to fly.

Universe Ruler are using some skill that can kill people very fast to attack a poor guy

What Getting Attacked By Universe Ruler Looks Like

Info [ Incomplete ]

The stand Universe Ruler is the custom admin stand owned And created by the creator of A Universal Time: kur_Dev who is responsible for the creation and group for A ZENITH in appearance. Some Youtubers had this stand because they had admin arrows.

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