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"Back from the grave."


Urzan (formerly known as Hallow Reaper/Hollow Reaper/HReaper) is a variant of Reaper. Urzan heals double the amount of Health Regular Reaper can recover, though, it has been changed to 10 HP Per second, making a big health regeneration nerf for Urzan and Reaper.


Urzan is obtained by finding and using a Cosmic Orb on Reaper.

The pose music is a cut version of the song "Bad Apple Full Version"

Name Description
Passive A Gives you 15% buffs If your below 50% health, 5% dmg boost, and 10% walkspeed boost.
Passive B The colour of your scythe will change to the colour of your avatar's torso.
Passive C After getting damaged, you will recover 10 (regular reaper is only 5) health per second.
Passive D All damage deal has a Critical damage rate ( crit = x2 damage )
Passive E Each kill you gain more damage and health.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Click Swing User swings their scythe. Base damage: 23 per hit 0 sec
E Triple User swings their scythe three times, hitting three times and dealing bleed damage for about 10 seconds

WARNING : Your THIRD attack must hit the enemy to deal 5 waves of 15 damage.

Base damage: 13 damage first 2 hit and 23 damage the last one.

Bleed damage : 85

( 5 times each 15 damage and 10 times each 1 damage)

5 secs
R Lunge User charges a heavy slash at the enemy, hitting twice. Base damage : 63 per hit 7 secs
T Throw User throws their scythe infront of them, hitting a maximum of seven times. Base damage: 13 per hit 5 secs
H Slam User slams their scythe into the ground and creates a large area of spikes. If the User has at least one soul the slam will damage instead of heal. Heals whoever gets hit : 65

Damage: Varies- More souls = More damage output

18 secs
F Slash User throws themself at the enemy and slashes three times. Base damage: 38 per hit 6 secs
C Dodge User frontflips forward. Has a high range. N/A 2.5 secs
Z Dash User dashes forward. Has an unusually high cooldown. N/A 6.5 secs
X Block User holds their scythe infront of themself, halving most damage towards them. N/A 0 sec
Q Counter User takes a pose with their scythe infront of themself. If they are hit, they will teleport behind the attacker. N/A