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"Give me a break from this mess ." - Reaper, failing to buy food at Walmart on Halloween night.


Urzan (formerly known as Hallow Reaper/Hollow Reaper/HReaper) is a variant of Reaper. Urzan heals double the amount of Health Regular Reaper can recover, though, it has been changed to 10 HP restored per second, making a big health regeneration nerf for Urzan and Reaper.


According to the information from the AUT Trading Discord Server, MOCE, HSTWR, CSPR and Urzan will be coming back to their respective holiday as a temporary stand/spec. It is known as a seasonal obtainable.

Passives and Moveset:

Name Description
Passive 1: Critical Damage All damage deal has a Critical damage rate ( Critical = x2 damage )
Passive 2: Soul Collecting The more people you kill with E, the more souls you have (to a max of 3). You get an awakening but its only temporary.
Passive 3: Faster Walkspeed Your walkspeed is faster than a human > Walkspeed: 28.

The more souls you collect, the faster you get. (you can walk very fast if you have max souls)

All moves are the same as Reaper but with the Urzan Model.

New Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Combo
Reaper LMB Combo.gif
Slash You swing your scythe quickly, dealing damage and leaving black lines. The third swing will knockback your opponent. 36

40.5 (with Soul Consumption)

Soul Torment.gif
Soul Torment You swing your scythe quickly into the ground, creating a rift in front of you. Anyone that steps in this will have a skeletal hand appear and grab them, temporarily banishing them to the shadow realm and blinding them. Automatically executes them and gives you a soul if they fall below a certain health. (25% or below) 40

46 (with Soul Consumption)

17 Seconds
Wither You slash your scythe, creating a wave of darkness. (they're two separate hits). Can be countered. 15 (projectile)



7.6 Seconds
Lost Souls You make a thin line below the enemies foot, and a second afterwards, the thin line opens up, making a portal, and chaining up the enemies arms, stunning them and giving you the advantage to attack them. None 17 Seconds




Let out a flurry of slashes that slice opponents infront of you. 36 10


Soul Consumption.gif
Soul Consumption Heals 150 health when used and heals again for 15 once over, increases your max health to 500, and gives a temporary damage buff. Caps your health from 425 to 400 (until you die) after it ends. You only gain a soul if you kill someone with your E,

Disables Soul Embodiement.

None 45 Seconds
Frightened Soul.gif
Frightened Soul Counter. Also works for projectiles. None
Soul Embodiement.gif
Soul Embodiement Go invisible and move around at quick speeds. Great for getting away. You need to hold V instead of pressing it once. Disabled when under the effects of Soul Consumption. None
Soul Mode.gif
Soul Mode Sprint.
P Pose (Inavailable)



  • Urzan was formerly known as “Hollow Reaper/Hallow Reaper/HReaper”.
  • Urzan’s old pose music is Bad Apple.
  • Urzan’s old model had 1 feature that wasn’t the same as Reaper’s old model, it wasn’t neon.
  • Urzan is a seasonal unobtainable, meaning it comes back every October.