First madlad ever to reach 4k posts here , while u didnt even existed (its gone now..)

one of the OGs to step on this wiki when it was built (its rebuilt twice now)

Used to be a home for me , but no longer

I used to take care of the wiki

im dead now

(Quit the wiki and currently staff at esports)

Cute jotaro.gif

(Beechan is epic, grinder is poggers , fearlessice is chill, infamous and famous users are cool )and Im an undertale fan...

hmmm I also make models lmao

(Totally not a weeb)

FearlessIce was here:i was bored

(Bruh fearless my wall will soon be flooded like this)

TheinfamousUser was here: sry just got bored 2 XD

(B R U H )

SansBoi was here

(Aw c'mon sans now u wanna flood this too)

FearlessIce was here again : so bored ngl(


FearlessIce was here again:why do i keep coming here

UnOwenwasher?+DeathWaltz Came here to make a guess about where did Chara go

Nita more cute wheeze

Arrivederci. - Minasoko was here.

(ah yes ur back)

Get Nae Naed by FearlessIce ( :D )

Lvl100weeb the irrelevant weeb was here

Ty bee

masonbutt911 was here ( should I flood this with Muda Muda or Ora ora?

(Do u have a death wish mason?. n o)

from masonbutt911 ( I do :)) )


Deku was here :>

Bee was there! :D (Aww such a cute blob)

MiloJP09 was here

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