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"You can't be a gatekeeper if you're that weak, you know?" —Sakuya Izayoi


The watch is an item obtained by completing Sakuya's quest. This item is originally from Sakuya Izayoi, because Sakuya's ability is time-stopping, meaning time is stopped in the place Sakuya is in.

Uses and Attainability

Used on Standless to obtain Sakuya Izayoi.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Go to Yukari's Gap, and talk to Sakuya Izayoi complete these objectives:


  • When you activate Sakuya, This same exact will be dangling down your hand
  • If you switch to any Stands/Specs while having this in your inventory, it will disappear.
  • You cannot store this in your Bank.
  • This is an A Tier Item.
  • This is very easy to obtain