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"It's water what do you think you're gonna do it with it? Drink it? Pfft, nah."


Water is an useless item that was added into the game on September 25, 2020, the day when Dio Brando was the 2nd Boss that got added. Water was used to heal you, but somehow it became broken. Eventually, this item doesn't have any uses for stands. What I mean by not having any uses for stands is that no stands need this item to get an evolution, form, or variant.


nothing its either a meme item or it used to have a use but as of now its useless.

Local Reviews

"Too much water." - 4/10, IGN

"What does water do???" - Confusion/10, Literally your average #Questions user

"GUYS! Brando dropped water! Is it rare?" - 10/10, Standard issued AUT Player

"When you realize it's the same model from-" - 0/10, That guy who always compares everything to other games.

"Brando dropped so it's 100% legit useful for something!" - 9.99/10, Literally who has been bashing me for the past week about Trello cards

How to Obtain

Either Defeat Dio Brando, or, get it from stacks which is common.