"Your disc belongs to me!" —Enrico Pucci, User of Whitesnake


Whitesnake (ホワイトスネイク Howaitosuneiku) is the Stand of Enrico Pucci, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 6: Stone Ocean, otherwise called Part 6 and shortened to SO. Whitesnake plays as a close-ranged stand, with up to 2 Meters from its user. Though, Whitesnake does have some ranged attacks.

Whitesnake has GACT all over the stands body, it is DNA, since the stands power is to take something away from you, which can be DNA.

About the A Universal Time Whitesnake, it has received a rework, it was unavailable about a month before its rework.

This stand is obtainable by using stand arrow on Standless (4% Chance).

Whitesnake is called White Snack in game because of the censorship in Roblox.



Key/Passive Name Description Damage/

Effect Duration

LMB Weak Punch A weak pity punch from Whitesnake. 15/22! damage 0.5 - 0
Q Summon Summon Whitesnake No damage Almost none
E Barrage Whitesnake uses its fists to barrage the opponent, dealing mediocre damage 5/7! per Punch 5 seconds
R Strong Punch Whitesnake smashes the opponent with its fist with maximum force. 50/450! Damage 5 seconds
T "The guard dropped a gun near the gate. Pick it up!" White Snake Pulls out its gun, as its T Special. 120 Damage 7 seconds
Y Acid-induced Sleep Makes players in the vicinity fall asleep. 7 seconds 20 seconds
F "Disc Combo..." Whitesnake and its user slashes you with a disk 3 times. 45 per hit 15 seconds
V Free Roam' Lets White Snake be controlled by you freely, able to move anywhere you go. No Damage 3 seconds
G "An illusion..." Lets White Snake become anything humanoid. This works on any NPC. No damage Somewhat of a Cooldown but it does not say how long.
C Dash/Dodge White Snake and its user dashes. No Damage 3 seconds
Z Stand Jump Whitesnake does a leap into the air. No damage 15 seconds
P Pose Whitesnake's Theme|Whitesnake's Theme] No Damage

Key/Passive Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Leg Chop Immobilize your enemy for a moment by removing their legs 30 damage 10 seconds
R "I command you!" Kick a poison frog into your enemy followed with a disc, stunning them briefly. 25/37! x 3 Damage 5 seconds
F(Hold) Prime Number Counting The user goes into a defensive pose, while counting their Prime Numbers to calm them down for about 10 seconds. Heals 250+ 45 seconds
G Donut Whitesnake and its user punch their foe once each followed by a bleeding effect. 15/22! + 35/52! + (20 x 6) 8 second cooldown
LMB Arm Chop Give your opponent a hefty chop with your arm infused with Whitesnake. 35/52! damage 10 seconds

Pros & Cons


  • Has good Combo Potential.
  • High damage Potential.
  • Fast Recharge on some moves.
  • For his neutral special, he wields a gun.


  • Slow Walkspeed / Agility.
  • Defense is weak.
  • Whitesnake's gun move isn't a cursor move.


Think yourself as a popcorn your just waiting to explode and destroy the enemy by surprise, But like popcorn you can be chewed easily so be cautious when to pop or not. A good Example to pop is when you pretend to run only to turn around to the enemy and press F and get the enemy by surprise. You can also do chip damage, T is very good move to weaken the enemy, R (without ws) is good for spacing if your waiting for your moves to come back or to weaken them a bit. It is recommended to not use V moves, as it doesn’t access the other moves for the combos.

(BTW if you have difficulty comboing users that are using stands that are based on the world because of stupid ragdols or if your fighing enemys that are fast try using g on the enemy without WS then press q quickly and press f it will garentee damaging the enemy alot if your lucky enough and if you time your hit correct.)

(when your using the Prime Number Counting you can use the Command disc move while healing so you can damage the enemy and catch the enemy off guard and get a little bit more hp before you cancel and initiate on fighting again)


Easy Combos

  • R + T
  • F + R + T
  • F + R + T + Y

Semi Moderate Combos

  • (without WS) E + Lmb + Q + R + T
  • (without WS) E + Lmb + Q + R
  • (optional if you think you cant get a perfect hit) Y + (without WS) + Lmb + E + R + T + G

Moderate Combos

  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + R
  • without WS) G + E + Lmb + Q + R

Difficult Combos

  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + Q + R + T
  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + R + Q + T
  • Standoff: G + Lmb(Click) + E + Q + F + E + R + T <------ (If the enemy didn't get knockbacked as far use R instead!)
  • F + Q + G + E + Lmb + R + Q + T<-- (or R if enemy didn't get knockbacked as far).


If you press G (without whitesnake) and quickly press Q to bring up your stand Whitesnake will appear invisible and you can press v to control the invisible Whitesnake and item troll players. (Guessing it is fixed after I tried it mutiple times and it didn't work)


  • This stands namesake comes from the 70s hard rock band Whitesnake.
  • Whitesnake's GACT symbols come from the four nucleocases of DNA.
  • Even though the Stand is a stand of a priest, it is dressed up as a executor, and a Snake is the animal that tricked EVE from ADAM and EVE in the bible.
  • White Snake has multiple evolutions through out JJBA S.O.
  • Whitesnake is D Tier (Arrow Tier) In Rarity Tier List and in PvP Stand Tier List, Whitesnake is S Tier (Skilled Stands).
  • 'Pucci,the stand user of White Snake,was given by DIO, now Pucci thinks DIO is some kind of resemblance of a GOD.  
    • Using Whitesnake's G move on stand storage, it allows you to be in the same place as the stand storage guy, but you cannot move. Same with the Blackmarket person and the Shop Owner, but if someone Timestops, you will get out of the NPC/Blackmarket/Shop owner and you will appear like them, basically, You need someone to timestop so you can be free/get out and move.
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