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"I'm going to obtain the way to Heaven! Celebrate it... what was born here is Heaven itself. Celebrate the dawning of the new world...!" —Enrico Pucci


Whitesnake is the Stand of Enrico Pucci, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 6: Stone Ocean, otherwise called Part 6 and shortened to SO. Whitesnake is a close-ranged stand, and must be within 2 meters from its user. Although, Whitesnake does have some ranged attacks.

Whitesnake has GΔCT all over the stands body, it is DNA, since the stands power is to take something away from you, which can be DNA.

The A Universal Time Whitesnake has received a rework and was unavailable about a month before its rework.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

This stand is obtainable by using Stand Arrow on Standless (4% chance).



Stand Off Moveset
Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
R Command Disc You kick a disc to a opponent and poison them for a few seconds 30 + 20 Poison 10 seconds
E Leg Breaker
Whitesnake Chops off both of the victims legs, stunning them and duplicating 2 red leg meshes. 25 Damage 10 seconds seconds
F Prime Number Counting You begin to turn around counting your prime numbers healing you in the process -??? (yourself) ???
G Self-Donut User punches the target and White Snake follows up by donuting the target, and poisoning them afterwards. 8 Damage (User Punch), 25 Damage (White Snake Donut), 2 Rapid Poison Damage 10 seconds

Stand On Moveset
Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user summons White Snake, whilst saying “White Snake”. None 1 Second
LMB LMB Combo A standard LMB chain that has three punches and ends with a strong punch that knocks back. 49 total damage, 8 dmg for each punch 25 for heavy
E Stand Barrage White Snake throws a flurry of punches towards the victim, and lands a Heavy Punch which ends the barrage. 1.09 for each punch and 15 for barrage finisher total 35.11 10 seconds, barrage last for 5 seconds
T Gun Fire White Snake pulls out a gun and fires a single bullet forward in the direction the player is facing. 30 10 seconds
Y Sleep White Snake releases an size-increasing AOE Move which has an circle that has the color of white, and increases a few seconds after. Any victim’s near White Snake’s user will be stunned and put to sleep for a short duration of time. None 35 Seconds
N Quotes Once N is pressed, the user will say any of these quotes:
  • "Die like the martyr you claim to be."
  • "41, 43, 47 ... Count in prime numbers, for no one can ever divide them."
  • "Prime numbers can only be divided by themselves and 1. the loneliest numbers...



White Snake is a relatively melee stand that requires close combat in order to deal heavy hits of damage. White Snake has mainly melee moves, but has 2 ranged moves, one being a long ranged heavy hitting bullet, while the other being a shorter ranged poisoning attack. In general, White Snake is dangerous up close, but can easily be countered by staying out of melee range. Due to most of his set being melee or requires the enemy to be close to him (Example: Sleep, Heavy Punch, Barrage) in order for him to deal the most damage.


Easy Combos

  • R + T
  • F + R + T
  • F + R + T + Y

Semi Moderate Combos

  • (without WS) E + Lmb + Q + R + T
  • (without WS) E + Lmb + Q + R
  • (optional if you think you cant get a perfect hit) Y + (without WS) + Lmb + E + R + T + G

Moderate Combos

  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + R
  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + Q + R

Difficult Combos

  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + Q + R + T
  • (without WS) G + E + Lmb + R + Q + T
  • Standoff: G + Lmb(Click) + E + Q + F + E + R + T <------ (If the enemy didn't get knockbacked as far use R instead!)
  • F + Q + G + E + Lmb + R + Q + T<-- (or R if enemy didn't get knockbacked as far.)

Oneshot Combo(very long)

  • (Stand On) M1 x3 +E(hold, not to full duration) +M1 x3 + Q(desummon) + G + R + Q(summon) + M1 x3 + E + M1 x3 + Y + M1 x3 + E +M1 x3 + Q(desummon) + G + R + Q(summon) + M1 x3 + E + M1 x3 + Q(desummon) + E(leg breaker)


  • This stands namesake comes from the 70s hard rock band Whitesnake.
  • Whitesnake's GΔCT symbols come from the four nucleocases of DNA.
  • Even though the Stand is a Stand of a priest, it is dressed up as an executor, and a snake was the animal that tricked Eve in the Bible.
  • White Snake has multiple evolutions through out JJBA S.O.
  • Whitesnake is D Tier (Arrow Tier) In Rarity Tier List and in PvP Stand Tier List, Whitesnake is S Tier (Skilled Stands)

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