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"I am Wonder of U, and the "Flow" is always a Calamity."


Wonder of U is Tooru's stand from part 8 of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (JoJolion). This stand was named after the song of the same name: The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley.

The Manga Debut Of The Stand Is: JOJOLION Chapter 84.

Wonder Of U IN Japanese: ワンダー・オブ・U (ユー)

romanized Name: Wando Obu Yū

More Info Of WOU's Attacks: https://trello.com/c/fesRI6XG/299-wonder-of-u


In its 'human' form, it takes the form of Satoru Akefu, the Head Doctor of the TG University Hospital. Its true form is robotic in appearance. Its head resembles a desk microphone and it has two sun-shaped 'eyes'. It seems to have no legs in its true form, and in their place is a long, pole-shaped lower body with a flat base. The base has two large wheels attached to it like a Segway. It also has a wooden cane which is not fixed to it's right hand and it can be used for defense or offense but has fragile durability and seems to not be apart of the stand itself.

The way it looks differs depending on the one who sees it. To regular people, it appears to be Satoru Akefu, but to those who have acknowledged the power of "Calamity", such as Josuke or Yasuho, it appears in the form of a stand. This does not affect the power of "Calamity".

How to Obtain

A Hornet Nest will Spawn around the map with a 20% chance every 10 minutes. click the nest and with a chance of 25% of being able to get this and when you touch hornet you can respawn with Wonder Of U. If you click on it, it's not a guaranteed chance of getting Wonder Of U. This stand is similar to Chariot Requiem. Spam clicking it will not result in increasing your chance of getting WoU.


Stand Tier: B

Moveset And Passive's

Passive's Table

Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A Calamity Enemies that attempt to 'directly' attack or pursue Wonder of U will be marked with an icon over their head indicating that the 'calamity' will attack them, upon collision with anything the enemy will take (16.5) additional damage along with whatever they hit such as a player's body If the collision was made to an object on the ground the victim will only take (5) damage with a tripping effect adding up for (3) seconds.
Passive B 'Something' will knock into us!" Upon being marked by Passive A, various objects such as a lit cigarette or a knife will start 'attacking' you by flying towards you at random though they do not have a homing capability and can be dodged, these objects do (5.5) damage upon collision regardless of your defenses though this passive only trigger if you're (25) studs close to Wonder Of U If Wonder Of U were to attack the enemy before they did then this Passive will be disabled on them.

Moveset Table
Key Move Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
"It's an automatic tracking attack stand! You deploy Wonder of U in its Hybrid Form, letting it loose to aimlessly walk throughout the map while avoiding enemies and open spaces, allowing you to effectively extend the range of your passive and allowing you to cooperate with your stand by laying various traps and illusionary attacks, by tapping 'V' you may switch the control between the stand and yourself respectively. If you attack Wonder of U in this stage, a few voicelines will appear in the chat. None None
Cursor + F
"Just now... There was definitely something behind me." Wonder of U appears behind the opponent's shoulder and lightly taps them on said shoulder, locking them in place for the duration of the move and causing them to be affected by Passive A. None N/A
Key Move Move Name Description Mode Cooldown Damage Duration
E + Hold
"Did you just... attack me?" Wonder of U uses its cane as a weapon and delivers a flurry attack of slams forward dealing (7) damage each hit at a moderately fast pace and allowing you to protect yourself against projectiles at a certain degree. Hybrid Mode: On N/A 7 (REGULAR)


3 or 4.5 Second's
"So you want me to 'approach' you?" Wonder of U lifts its foot up before delivering a sloppy kick forward dealing (27) damage and knocking the enemy a good distance away, while performing this attack you are temporarily protected by a Super Armor effect.

[T: Dododo De Dadada]-

A rock insect that resembles a crane, does high damage, stuns and even blinds the opponent. Almost unescapable unless someone else gets caught within it's range

[Y Rain]-

Wonder of U will turn into the Head Doctor state for a while and shake violently. Afterwards, acid rain drops will rain heavily within a 25 stud radius of the stand. Inflicts a lot of damage over time however it only affects those who were tagged by Passive A. This is a very powerful move once your opponent has the Calamity effect

[F Car]-

An car will spawn and run into the person you pointed with your cursor. It also sends the person flying.


Switch between Head Doctor and WoU form

[V Swap]-

Swap between user control or stand control, simple as that.


Wonder Of U's Gallery In the Manga

Sneak Peeks


  • The Stand User is Tooru, an antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 8: JoJoLion, an Canon JoJo Part in the JJBA Universe.
  • The quotes for this stand have no audio, because the Voice Actor for Tooru and Wonder Of U has not yet been found, they are also not in JJBA: Eyes Of Heaven.
  • When you have your mask off, instead of your name being "Wonder Of U" In chat, it'll become "Head Doctor".
  • The Pose Music For WOU is this.
  • In Head Doctor form, you can't switch back from stand control to user control (From Hybrid Mode On to Hybrid Mode Off). Thus if you want to recontrol the user, you need to change to the Wonder of U form.
  • People say that this stand is OP, however it's not really that OP. Sure, it can't be hit normally however it doesn't have a lot of high damage moves when there is no calamity passive on the person.
  • Has no stand cry.
  • There is a chance where when a random player attack Wonder of U, the WoU will sometimes say: "Did you just.... Attack me?"
  • Just like Duality Pot Platinum (DPP), Wonder Of U has 2 different poses.
  • It's not confirmed yet that Wonder Of U will receive an GUI Rework.