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"Just one world, with the best of the others." —XChara


X-Chara activating Overwrite mode.

XTaleChara (also known as Cross Chara when he's with Cross in his phantom form, and X-Event!Chara, or more simply XChara) is a major character in the X-Tale Universe, and Underverse. XTaleChara was originally a child of XGaster, and after InkSans shows him the multiverse, XGaster begins his experiment with X-Tale. With each new timeline, someone related to XTale!Chara would die thanks to XGaster. After a few more timelines, XTaleChara tried to rebel against XGaster, but he's defeated and he ends up being XGaster's experiment, the X-Event, granting him his Overwrite powers. In order to keep his neglected brother alive, however, he overwrites himself into XTaleFrisk.


X-Chara is obtained by using a X-Soul on Sans.

Dialogue (When using X-Soul on Sans)

  • Sans: So you're getting rid of me...


Key Move Description
LMB Slash The user performs 3 slashes, dealing 27 damage. (Note: Opponents can escape the M1 Combo due to its slow hits and low stun)
F Ground Control The user jumps and then slams down with their knife dealing 25 AOE damage.
B X Blaster A red Gaster Blaster appears and fires a red laser a bit in front of the player, dealing 35 damage and minor stun to anyone hit by it.
R Double Tap The user uppercuts the enemy into the air before summoning multiple knives, striking the opponent downwards dealing 25 damage.
Y Reverse The user stops for a moment and touches their chest, healing the user for 45 HP. (Note: You can still move during this.)
Q Overwrite Pressing Q toggles Overwrite, the user says "ACT: Overwrite!" causing an Overwrite button to appear and the knife to begin glowing alongside the user gaining a pink aura. This form changes the user's moveset.
R Knife Barrage Similar to Double Tape the move sends any opponent hit with it into the air causing knives fly at them from all directions. This does 60 damage and buys the user time to recharge their cooldowns.
E Glitch Stab The user teleports towards the opponent and slashes at them dealing 23 damage, knockback, and causes a purple glitching X to appear over the eyes of anyone hit by the move, this causes them to become unable to attack for 2 seconds.
N/A Soul Absorb (Currently not working) This move only works if the enemy is at red HP. Once done so, the player will absorb the enemy's soul, healing the user for a maximum of 800 HP and finishing off the opponent, and increasing the life of the player by a little bit. (Note: There is a high chance this is removed as it was only in Old Universe)
V Glitch Teleport The user quickly teleports forwards. This move has a 6.5 second cooldown.


Old Universe


  • Knife Barrage is good at buying time for the user to heal or give them time to recoup.
  • X-Blaster has decent damage.
  • Has 2 short cooldown effective teleports.


  • Both R moves have small hitboxes and are very difficult to consistently land.
  • X-Blaster requires a lot of range between the user and the opponent to successfully hit.
  • Many of X-Chara's moves are missing or bugged, several keys such as F have moves linked to them but don't actually activate.
  • X-Chara lacks range and has a comically slow M1 that isn't even a true combo.
  • Lacks high damaging moves and has long cooldowns on most attacking moves.



M1 + R + F (Easy Difficulty, Low Damage)

Q + R + (Back up a fair distance) + Q + (Wait for the opponent to nearly touch the ground) + B (Hard Difficulty, High Damage)

Q + E + (Close distance) + Q + R + F + M1 (Hard Difficulty, Medium Damage)

Q + E + R + Q + Y (Medium Difficulty, Medium Damage + Healing)


  • When using Double Tap on D4C's clone it breaks your ability to move and you can no longer aim your X-Blaster and Glitch Teleport
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