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"Just one world, with the best of the others." —Cross


X-Chara activating Overwrite mode.

XTaleChara (also known as Cross Chara when he's with Cross in his phantom form, and X-Event!Chara, or more simply XChara) is a major character in the X-Tale Universe and Underverse. XTaleChara was originally a child of XGaster, and after InkSans shows him the multiverse, XGaster begins his experiment with X-Tale. With each new timeline, someone related to XTale!Chara would die thanks to XGaster. After a few more timelines, XTaleChara tried to rebel against XGaster, but he's defeated and he ends up being XGaster's experiment, the X-Event, granting him his Overwrite powers. In order to keep his neglected brother alive, however, he overwrites himself into XTaleFrisk.


X-Chara is obtained by using a X-Soul on Sans.

Dialogue (When using X-Soul on Sans)

  • Sans: So you're getting rid of me...


Key Move Description
LMB Slash The user performs 3 quick slashes, dealing 20-31 damage, and applying the first passive.
F Ground Control The user jumps and then slams down with their knife dealing 25 damage or so.
B X Blaster A Gaster head summons and fires a red beam directly at the player's cursor, dealing about 35 damage to whoever is hit.
R Double Tap The user uppercuts the enemy into the air, and multiple knives appear and strike the opponent, dealing high damage. Doesn't work sometimes.
Y Reverse The user stops for a moment and touches their chest, healing the user 45 HP.
Q Overwrite Activation When holding Q, the overwrite button will appear and the large knife will turn into a neon pink. This is the activation for Overwrite Mode.
R Knife Uppercut The user swings the sword upwards, and if anyone is it it will send them into the air and have knives fly at them. This does 60 damage.
E Glitch Stab The user teleport to the opponent and slashes them, knocking them back and dealing 26 damage. Disables moves.
N/A Soul Absorb (Currently not working) This move only works if the enemy is at red HP. Once done so, the player will absorb the enemy's soul, healing the user for a maximum of 800 HP and finishing off the opponent and increasing the life of the player by a little bit.
V Glitch Teleport The user teleports a few studs forward, one of the longest teleports in the game

Overwrite/Activate Moveset

Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB/M1 LMB Slash 20-31 Damage
E Glitch-Stab The User teleports then Slashes the Enemy and disabling all of the enemy's moves for about 2-3 secs 23 Damage
R Knives-Barrage The User Slashes Up Against the Enemy, If Hit, Recipient

Will go up into the air and get Barraged WIth Knives

60 Damage


Old Universe


  • It is recommended you try to get Sans instead of X-Chara as it has a broken move that has not been fixed for a long time. Sans has ranged attacks as well and has more moves. X-Chara is an 'counter' to Sans and can punish moves made by Sans but a lot of other stands can put X-Chara in it's place.


  • Reverse(heal) has a relatively short cooldown
  • X-Blaster has decent damage
  • Long teleport distance
  • Absolutely broken in URF and you can instantly heal yourself back to max HP.


  • Both T moves have small hitbox, Therefore being hard to land.
  • X-blaster needs space to land a hit.
  • For now, All of X-Chara's passive abilities are glitched

X-Chara has 2 poses and 3 music variations.



(Overwrite) m1 x2, R, (Wait till end), F