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"Honor is in the heart, not the name." —Yasuo


Yasuo used to be a spec obtained by using Samurai Path on Anubis. In real life, samurai were hired protectors/assassins, and their signature blades of use; the katana, were forged and sharpened to be "As to cleave through mountains with enough determination", as the legends say. The Samurai Spec is based on Yasuo.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

Talk to the Umbra NPC and complete the first quest. After completing the first quest, go back to Umbra, and talk to him again and you will receive the second and final quest, which will be to defeat Umbra himself.

The Quest (Part 1)
  • Kill 50 thugs
  • Obtain 30,000 Ucoins
The Quest (Part 2)

On killing the boss you might get one of the two items, Ancient Sword (For Yasuo) and Azakana Mask (For Yone).

After getting an item, you need to talk to the Umbra NPC who will give you the spec accordingly to your item. (If you have the mask, you get Yone. If you have the sword, you get Yasuo.)

Old Obtainment Method

Samurai was obtained by using Samurai Path on Anubis.


Passives Move Description
Wind Bar
Yasuo Wind Bar.gif
The moves Q and R fill the wind bar. Certain moves need one part or 2 parts of the wind bar to work.
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Yasuo M1s.gif
LMB Combo The User executes 3 swift slashes 10, 10, 25

damage for increasing M1s

3 Seconds
Yasuo Q.gif
Steel Tempest The User jabs their swords at the opponent's chest. Upon landing the move will give the user one part of the wind bar. 10 Damage 5 Seconds
Q + 2 Parts Wind Bar
Yasuo Q+Q.gif
Steel Tempest User lashes out a wtheirlwind knocking everything in its path aside. This move is only usable if you have 2 parts of the wind bar. 20 Damage 5 Seconds
Yasuo E.gif
Sweeping Blade Being one with the wind, the User graciously dashes through the opponent, slashing them in the process. 15 Damage
Yasuo R Normal.gif
Gathering Storm The uhe User executes a 360-degree wind-bound slash. Upon lan,ding the move will give the user one part of the wind bar. 10 Damage
R + 2 Parts wind Bar
Yasuo R.gif
Gathering Storm The User performs another 360-degree wind-bound slash, but this time the user will be bound by Steel Tempest, lifting the opponent slightly off the ground by the wind as the user will have the wind aura as they have 2 parts of the wind bar. 20 Damage
Yasuo T.gif
Barrage The User swiftly executes multiple consecutive slashes. 40 Damage
Yasuo Y.gif
Wind Wall The User creates a solid wall of wind that stops any projectiles that come through. N/A
F + 2 parts wind Bar
Yasuo F.gif
Call of the Wind This move acts like a beatdown. Dashing at the speed of wind while leaving windy white afterimages. If this connects, it will launch into several consecutive slashes that deal extreme damage. This also bypasses block. To use this move, the User requires to have 2 parts of the wind bar. 95 Damage
V + One part wind bar
Yasuo V.gif
Grab The User grabs the opponent and by the neck and jabs them in the chest. The quote can be different, below are the quotes:
  • "Honor is in the heart, not the name."
  • "It's just death. Nothing serious."
  • "I alone decide my fate."
  • "I'll give you the easy way out."
  • "Kill me? You can try."

To use this move, the user needs one part of the wind bar.

30 Damage
G + one part wind bar
Yasuo G.gif
Gale Force The User leaps up into the air and slashes the air for the wind to become compact and become a projectile. To use this move the User needs one part of the wind bar. 30 Damage
Yasuo Quote 1.png
Yasuo Quote 4.png
Yasuo Quote 5.png
Yasuo Quote 3.png
Yasuo Quote 2.png
Quote Upon pressing N, the player/Yasuo will say one of these quotes:
  • "A sword's poor company for a long road."
  • "Yone, I learned your lessons too late."
  • "Sleep is for the guiltless."
  • "One blade, one purpose."
  • "No more running."



  • Yasuo and Yone are currently the rarest obtainable specs in the game, the rarest obtainable stands being STWR and SPR.
  • Yasuo will sometimes break upon using Steel Tempest (Q).
  • Yasuo's Mistsplitter, Jade Cutter and Kageuchi Skin is a Genshin Impact Sword, like Dawn.

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