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"Long before blades and sorcery are needed, words... can save a soul." —Yone


Yone is the older-half brother of Yasuo (Yasuo was a original spec in AUT Old Universe (Yasuo in old universe was called Samurai/PROJECT Samurai). Both Yone and Yasuo are from League of Legends. Yone can transverse the spirit and return to his mortal form.

In life, he was Yone—half-brother of Yasuo, and renowned student of his village's sword school. But upon his death at the hands of his brother, he found himself hunted by a malevolent entity of the spirit realm, and was forced to slay it with its own sword.


Yone is a dual-wielding swordsman which wears a red demon mask/helmet. Yone wears white bandages on his lower arms and half his torso, covering his hands with the bandages.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Talk to the Umbra NPC and complete the quest.

The Quest (Part 1)

  • Kill 50 Thugs
  • Obtain 30,000 Ucoins

The Quest (Part 2)

Upon killing the boss you will get one of two items. The Ancient Sword (For Yasuo) and Azakana Mask (For Yone).

After getting an item you need to talk to the Umbra NPC who will give you the spec accordingly to your item.


Passive Move Description
Wind Bar
Yone Wind Bar.gif
The move Q fills the wind bar. Certain moves need one part or 2 parts of the wind bar to work.
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Yone M1s.gif
LMB Combo The User slashes the opponent once with each sword and a cross slash with both to finish it off. 10, 10, 25 Damage based on the 3 separate M1s 3 Seconds
Yone Q.gif
Mortal Steel The User executes a strong slash on the opponent. Upon landing the move will give the user one part of the wind bar. 10 Damage 5 seconds
Q+ 2 part wind bar
Yone Q+Q.gif
Steel Gale The User dashes with the wind, slashing the opponent and letting the wind carry the target upwards. This Move can be charged too. To use this move the User needs 2 parts of the wind bar. 30 Damage 5 seconds
E + 1 part wind bar
Yone E.gif
Spirit Cleave The User leaps into the air and slams their swords into the ground, healing themselves depending on the amount of damage inflicted. To use this move the User needs one part of the wind bar. 25 Damage 15 Seconds
Yone R.gif
Soul Unbound The user dashes forwards, out of their body and into their spirit form, splitting themselves away from their idle body, unable to take control of their idle form. In this state, damaging enemies will mark them for the rest of the spirit form, when returning to their body, all the damage dealt with the marked enemies will be inflicted again with a 25% effectiveness. The User is forced to return to their original body after 10 seconds have passed, they can also manually press R to return prematurely.


  • The player Spirit form can be damaged but their material body left behind can’t be damaged
  • The player spirit can still perform abilities and damage enemies
  • Soul Unbound is great for gap closing, poking, and dodging dangerous attacks.
  • Soul Unbound grants iframes upon the cast and when Yone returns to their material body at the end of the ability.


  • The player spirit form can’t get away more than 60 studs from their material body and will return automatically after 10 seconds.
N/A 30 Seconds
Yone T.gif
Barrage The User executes multiple consecutive slashes with both swords. 40 Damage 15 Seconds
F + 2 Parts wind bar
Yone F.gif
Fate Sealed The User charges up their swords as a red path emerges in front of them and instantly slashes anyone that is on the area of the red path and blinks to the end of the path. Enemies hit will be teleported behind the User and knocked upwards. To use this move the User needs 2 parts of their wind bar. 70 Damage 60 Seconds
G + 1 part wind bar
Yone G.gif
Leg Slice The User slices off both of the opponent's legs and then knocks them back with a finishing slash. To use this move the User needs one part of their wind bar. 40 Damage 15 Seconds
Yone New Quote 2.png
Yone New Quote.png
Yone Quote 3.png
Yone Quote 2.png
Yone Quote 1.png
Quote Upon pressing N, you’ll say the quotes below:
  • ”Blink, and you’ll miss your own death!”
  • ”Forget the past, it only clouds the future.”
  • ”Not enough to stop me.”
  • "One to cut, one to seal."
  • "It's too late for you."



  • Yone was called an anti-teamer spec by Kur.
  • When the spirit comes back after using the R move, any damage dealt will re-apply to the enemy in a 25%.
  • The player will be cleansed from any debuff or hit stun applied while their spirit was gone once the spirit comes back. (This doesn’t apply to timestops.)
  • Yone pose music is Yone, The Unforgotten | Champion Theme - League of Legends.
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