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"Do you ever think that you want to become something more than human?" —Yukari Yakumo


Yukari's Gap is an area within the game that can be accessed by/via finding the portal. The portal will despawn after a certain amount of time, can be located in certain parts of the map, and only one person can enter it. When you are inside, Sakuya Izayoi asks if you want to learn time bending powers like hers. Saying yes will reset the player and send them back to spawn with her quest list, while refusing does the same thing as saying yes, but will not give the quest. When you are at spawn you need to complete these objectives:

Once you complete the quest you will instantly given the Watch. Watch can be used on Standless to get Sakuya Izayoi spec.



  • Whenever your screen turns red in Main Game, that means someone entered the portal.