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"Home Run!" —ihop


Zaihop is an Admin spec made particularly for the AUT developer "ihop".


The spec Zaihop looks nothing particularly special and is only a generic shovel that packs a punch.


Zaihop cannot be obtained by regular means since it is an admin spec and can only be obtained only if a staff member/developer of the official AUT Discord gives it to you.


Keybinds Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB LMB Combo The user slashes the opponent with the shovel. 6 ?
E Spiraling Spade The User spins around with the shovel dealing damage 14 Damage each hit ?
R Home Run The user quickly charges up and slams the shovel into the opponent dealing great knockback.

It also shows a mini icon on the top center of the screen with the following "Home Run!" upon the move landing.

25 ?
T Bullet Hell The user pulls out an uzi and rapidly shoots an unknown number of bullets. 50 ?
H Inhale The user turns into Kirby, a well known mascot of Japanese game company Nintendo, and drags in players. N/A ?
V Ban Hammer The user pulls out a giant Ban Hammer, a roblox iconic gear item, smashing it on the ground upon hitting anything a influx of white particles will appear killing the person being hit and showing the iconic page was not found that appears when you check a roblox user that was banned or terminated. The icon of the roblox error message of a banned user will be above the dead body of the opponent. inf No cooldown