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"If the truth is what you seek, then follow me, as I guide the lost souls of the sorrowful..." —Zenith


Zenith (天頂 Tenchō) is a Alu Stand obtained from using ZENITH Arrow on Nuclear Star, It is not a close-ranged stand, it's an Ranged Stand. It is not a humanoid stand.

One day, a person had found an arrow, but it was not a normal arrow but it was blue and when he grabbed it the person became a "Blue Zenith" and anyone who uses the arrow will have Zenith at will. ( Dark blue color)

Tier: A Tier

Circa 9/03/2020, Zenith has received a damage and functionality buff, making it unprecedented (really good) in PVP.


How To Obtain

Zenith is a stand that can be obtained by using a Zenith Arrow on Nuclear Star.

Full Craft

Whitesnake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon.
C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star

Moveset + Passives

Zenith Passives
Passive In Order Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Unstoppable Arrows Zenith's arrows can be shot at any time and no matter what happens on the way.

Time Stop/Dead/Getting Blood Sucked, Etc.

Passive B (2) Health Regeneration The user heals any lost health at a decent speed.
Passive C (3) (Removed) Color Changes Whenever you die, the color of Zenith will change. (Removed)

Key Move Name Description Damage
LMB Dual Requiem Blast Zenith blasts forwards two arrows that home in on the nearest person, but not always. 6 per arrow (nerfed)
R Zenith Arrow Rain Zenith summons a shower of requiem arrows that home in on the nearest person, but not always. 6 per arrow (nerfed)
F Ultimate Requiem Crash Zenith makes a giant arrow appear above him, and drops it, dealing damage to anyone around the Ultimate Requiem. It deals ¬200 damage, this move used to one shot anything. Around 100 (nerfed)
Z Flight Of The Zenith Zenith flaps its wings and flies wherever the user's camera is pointed to. Very spammable needs to not be in first person and needs if you use shift lock it doesn't work that well (you can activate again when you hit the ground there is a hidden bar that disappears while flying only refills when you hit the ground and you can spam click and z to attack from the air) None
G Zenith Ride The user rides Zenith, however the only move you can use while this is active is Zenith Flight. None


  • DELTA is a upcoming stand that will be a evolution of PLANET // SHAPER.
  • Zenith use to have a trail, but then it got removed.
  • Sometimes, you can move in stopped time when you respawn during time stop.
  • When the user dies or resets, the stand changes color randomly. (NOW REMOVED)
  • Flying up from tall points on the map allows you to get to space with Zenith.
  • Zenith can use basic arrow attack to drain lots of Sans stamina.
  • Using the Ultimate Requiem attack completely drains all of Sans's stamina.
  • If you use G during the flight, you will have a new flight animation.
  • People say Zenith is slightly unobtainable because the item used to get Zenith, 'Zenith Arrow', doesn't spawn on ground and is only obtained by using stacks.
  • Kur stated in the New Universe Zenith is getting replaced by a suit stand, but Zenith is never coming back.