How to obtain Zenith

Whitesnake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon

C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star


Nuclear Star + Zenith Arrow = Zenith

The passives were grieved so never changed it.

Please note that Zenith will not become a permeant unobtainable, whoever says that is lying and trying to get good stuff off you

Passive A: Unstoppable Arrows

Zenith's arrows can be shot at any time and no matter what happens on the way.

TimeStop/Dead/Getting Blood Sucked, Etc.

Trivia:This was originally a bug that the devs can't make arrows stop in timestop status

Passive B: Regeneration

The user heals at a fast pace.

Sometimes, you can move in stopped time when you respawn during timestop.

Passive C: Color Changes

Whenever you die the color of Zenith will change.

This IS a TEMP-unobtainable. Dont mark it unob since that is false information

Key Move Description Damage
LMB Zenith Arrows Blast Zenith blasts 2 arrows at the enemy, dealing 50 damage per arrow with VERY low cooldown. 25 per arrow (nerfed)
R Zenith Arrow Rain This is both nerfed and semi broken, it still does damage, but has no arrow rain animation. 50-100(?)
F Ultimate Requiem Drop Zenith makes a giant arrow appear above him, and drops it, dealing damage to anyone around the Ultimate Requiem. It deals ¬200 damage, this move used to one shot anything. Around 100 (nerfed)
Z Zenith Flight Zenith flaps his wings and flys wherever the user's camera is pointed to. Very spammable needs to not be in first person and needs if you use shift lock it doesn't work that well (you can activate again when you hit the ground there is a hidden bar that disappears while flying only refills when you hit the ground and you can spam click and z to attack from the air) None
G Zenith Ride The user rides Zenith, however the only move you can use while this is active is Zenith Flight. None

The song for Zenith is Blue Zenith by XI


  • Get Whitesnake from arrows, which can be evolved into C-Moon, that can then be evolved into Made in Heaven that you use Star Gem on to get Nuclear Star to evolve into Zenith with Zenith Arrow
  • When the user dies or resets, the stand changes color randomly.
  • You can spam this like hell
  • Zenith is gonna get REWORKED to S+ tier in the future. You can check the official Trading disc server
  • NOTE: Arrow rain occasionally doesn't work. So don't panic.

Stand on the tallest tree on the map, at the tip. You can go to space just fly up straight. In space fly time goes from 10 seconds to infinity

Zenith can use basic arrow attack to drain lots of Sans stamina

If you use fly and attack with click via spamming those keys you become a helicopter

fly recharges when you hit the ground

zenith is a counter to Meme Hierophant and Sans as well as Coffin boi



Ultimate Requiem Drop

Ultimate Requiem Drop

This is one of Zenith's move press F to activate it
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