"It's said this arrow was made by the first person stabbed by an arrow.."


The item looks like a divine black arrow with triangle guts on the head of the arrow, a blue line shows in the middle of the arrow.

This item will spawn every 1 hour : 1/12 chance - (used to but since zenith is getting a rework it's actually non-obtainable from natural spawn and only obtained from stacks for now)


Nuclear Star + Zenith Arrow = Zenith

Using a Zenith Arrow on Nuclear Star will unleash the third Camellia song in AUT, Zenith.


Temporarily unobtainable with spawning (because zenith will get rework). However, it can be obtained via Stacks, meaning that its value has not increased much. People saying that this is unobtainable are scamming. Keep aware of people like this if you want Zenith Arrow.

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